All Information about Iqama in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

All Information about Iqama in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Iqama is one important identity card for every expatriate living in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most of the Expatriates even suffer to get Iqama, because without Iqama they cannot even go outside their houses. Iqama must be made by the Sponsor of Kafeel for every expatriate, once they land in Saudi Arabia.

But Most of our Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia, dont know many things about Iqama. Be it a renewal of Iqama, Iqama Validity Check, Changing Iqama pictures, etc.

All Information about Iqama in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

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Whats is Iqama?

Iqama is a Identity Card in Saudi Arabia All Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia land in Saudi Arabia with a Visa. Immigrants / Expats who want to live in the kingdom will come with a Work Visa or a permanent Family Visa and would require Iqama for the first 90 days of their arrival. Get details information on Iqama here.
How to Check Iqama Validty Online?

Its always important to know your Validity of your Iqama and whits get Expired. Here are the detail steps mentioned in this article on how to check Iqama Validity Online

How to renew your Iqama?

Expatriates need to check every now and then if the expiry date of their Iqama is nearing. Now Iqama is known as Muqeen Card and here are the steps for your Sponsor to Renew your Iqama

How to Change Iqama Profession?

Many Expatriates come across this issue, wherein their Iqama Profession doesn;t reflect their current job profession. So, if you’re in must have to do the same profession which is mentioned on your Iqama, else you might get caught.

Here is the article which explains in details about Chagning Iqama Profession.

Requirements for Iqama Profession Change:

Alos, know why changing your Iqama Profession can get rejected.
How to replace your Damaged Iqama?

Many Iqamas gets damaged and there is a procedure by which you can replace your damaged Iqama. here are the detail instructions:

How to Change your Iqama Picture?

Do you know that Iqama pictures can be changed if they get blurred out. Here are the detailed steps to change Iqama Picture:

What to do when your Iqama gets Lost or gets Stolen?

These issues happen sometimes that your Iqama can be stolen and if you keep it somewhere else and forgotten or lost. Here are
the steps you need to follow if your Iqama got Stolen or Lost.

Listed here are few Iqama Renewal Best Practices

Here are the steps to follow if Family or Dependent Iqama is Lost:

How to change Incorrect Name on Iqama?

If your Names are not correctly printed as per your certificates and employment Agreement along with Passport. You can change the incorrect Name on Iqama by following the detailed steps mentioned here.

How to get Iqama for new Expatriates arrive in Saudi Arabia?

If your Kafeel or Sponsor didnlt give your Iqama. here are the steps you need to follow to get Iqama for new Expatriates in
Saudi Arabia.

Fines on Iqama:

Fine of 1000 SAr for late Iqama renewal. You can find more details in this article

Increase in Iqama Fee. Find more details in this article
Do you know the Penalties on Iqama Expiry?

Here is one of a best article which describes the penalties on Iqama Expiry in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Here is the List of things you cannot do if you don’t have your Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

Here are the Benefits of having Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

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