Change Iqama Picture in Saudi Arabia in Easy steps

Change Iqama Picture in Saudi Arabia in Easy

Iqama Picture is taken at the time when you passed immigration desk in Saudi Arabia. This pictures captures will be used for Iqama, Driving License and places where your identification is required for Official purposes.

Sometimes the pictures may not be clear or get blurred as the time passes away. This happens most of the times that we may want to change the picture on Iqama.

Change Iqama Picture in Saudi Arabia in Easy

This may be important if your face has been changed a lot due to beard or any facial changes over a period of time.

To change Iqama picture, you will need to visit Jawazat Office and follow the steps mentioned below:

Before going to Jawazat Office, be prepared with answers which will be asked by Jawazat Officer for changing the pictures on Iqama. Once confirmed, proceed to Jawazat Office

Change Iqama Picture for Adults

  • Check for Photo section in Jawazat Office, where your pictures will be taken
  • Request him that you want to change Iqama Pictures (give a strong reason)
  • Jawazat Officer will take your picture and fingerprints as well
  • Once getting this information, he will update that information in his computer along with your photo
  • You’ll have to submit your Old Iqama and the new Iqama will get printed for you

Change Iqama Picture for Baby

  • For Change in Picture for babies, you’ll have to contact your Mandoob (Person who will take care of Government
  • If not you’ll have to visit Jawazat office carrying all the original documents.

Hint: Try to go to Jawwazat Office when there is less crowd, Jawazat Officer will be free and cool at that time and work will be done faster.

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