Lebara Internet Packages in Saudi Arabia (KSA) 2024

Lebara Internet Codes in KSA

Lebara Internet Packages in Saudi Arabia KSA 2024

LEBARA Internet offers a variety of Packages for people in Saudi Arabia (KSA). As you may know, ” LEBARA ” is a KSA telecommunications company that provides routers, prepaid, and postpaid weekly and daily internet plans for Expatriates, as well as local KSA citizens. It offers a variety of packages to tourists visiting Saudi Arabia (KSA). Lebara brings a range of Monthly Saver and unlimited Internet package Offers in 2024.

You can get different data offers throughout the year, including RAMADAN and HAJJ months. Most LEBARA internet packages have a reputation for their fast and affordable fees. LEBARA Monthly Prepaid Internet Packages offer a lot more flexibility for those who can’t afford expensive offers. LEBARA 1 DAILY PREPAID INTERNET PAYMENT is a good option if a person only needs an offer for a day.

Lebara Internet Packages in Saudi Arabia 2024

Unlimited Data – 1 Day – Price 19 SAR
DataUnlimited GB
Validity1 Day
30MB – 1 Week – Price 2 SAR
Data30 MB
Validity7 Days

Subscription code: Dial *777*030#

100MB – 1 Week – Price 5 SAR
Data100 MB
Validity7 Days

Subscription code: Dial *777*080#

300MB – 1 Week – Price 9 SAR
Data300 MB
Validity7 Days

Subscription code: Dial *777*200#

700MB – 1 Week – Price 19 SAR
Data700 MB
Validity7 Days

Subscription code: Dial *777*700#

3GB – 1 Week – Price 25 SAR
Data3 GB
Validity7 Days
10GB – 1 Week – Price 29 SAR
Data10 GB
Validity7 Days

Lebara Internet Codes in KSA

Unlimited Data – 1 Week – Price 99 SAR
DataUnlimited GB
Validity7 Days
15GB – 2 Weeks – Price 50 SAR
Data15 GB
Validity14 Days
20GB – 2 Weeks – Price 60 SAR
Data20 GB
Validity14 Days
1GB – 3 Weeks – Price 17 SAR
Data1 GB
Validity21 Days
1.5GB – 1 month + 300MBPrice 25 SAR
Data1.8 GB
Validity30 Days
4GB – 1 Month – Price 45 SAR
Data4 GB
Validity30 Days
5GB – 1 Month + 2.5GBPrice 60 SAR
Data5 + 2.5 GB
Validity30 Days
25GB – 1 Month – Price 95 SAR
Data25 GB
50GB – 1 Month – Price 115 SAR
Data50 GB
Validity30 Days
100GB – 1 Month – Price 175 SAR
Data100 GB
Validity30 Days
Unlimited Data – 1 Month – Price 345 SAR
DataUnlimited GB
Validity30 Days
10GB – 85 DaysPrice 110 SAR
Data10 GB

Validity: 30 Days
Subscription code: Dial *777*10000#

20GB – 3 Months + 20GBPrice 189 SAR
Data20 + 20 GB
Validity90 Days

Subscription code: Dial *777*20000#

50GB – 3 Months – Price 260 SAR
Data50 GB
Validity90 Days

Subscription code: Dial *777*50000#

100GB – 3 Months – Price 330 SAR
Data100 GB
Validity90 Days

Check Lebara Sim Balance in Saudi Arabia (KSA):
DIAL *000# to check your SIM balance.

Check Lebara Data Balance in Saudi Arabia (KSA):
DIAL *122# to check your DATA balance.

Check Your Own Phone Number in Saudi Arabia (KSA):
DIAL *000# to check your own phone number.

Recharge Lebara Card in Saudi Arabia (KSA):
DIAL *111*RECHARGE PIN# to recharge your LEBRA card.

Check Details About Lebara Packages in Saudi Arabia (KSA):
Above there are all the LEBARA prepaid internet packages offered by “LEBARA”. Check below to see the details of every package including the unsubscribing numbers and much more.

Lebara Internet also provide with a loads of option from Data Bundles, Yalla packages & International Bundles

Lebara Internet Packages Offers KSA

Discover the best Lebara internet packages tailored to suit your data needs. Explore cost-effective plans, high-speed connectivity, and reliable services for uninterrupted browsing and streaming.


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