Check Huroob Status on Iqama Online on &

Huroob Status Check on Iqama

Check Huroob Status on Iqama Online on

Iqama (residence permit) is important for living and working legally in Saudi Arabia (KSA). However, if you leave your job without permission, your employer / Kafeel /sponsor can report you as “Huroob,” which means to “runaway” or “absent from work.”

So when you’re in Huroob Status then its a to serious consequences, including fines, deportation, and even imprisonment.

Whenever a Sponsor or Kafeel in Saudi Arabia sets an Expatriate in Huroob Status that means he is absconding or in a runaway status from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Huroob status will be listed under your Iqama which means that you’ve run away from your Kafeel or Sponsor without intimating him.

The Expat workers are bound to be attached to their sponsors. As long as Kafeel or a sponsor is satisfied, they can stay and work in KSA, otherwise, they will be kicked out of the kingdom without getting Iqama renewal

Check Huroob Status on Iqama Online on

Check Huroob Status on Iqama Online

Once your Sponsor or kafeel reports to Jawazat that you’ve absconded from him and that you’re no more his responsibility then you’re in Huroob.

You must check your Huroob Status every now and then to keep yourself updated because once you’re in Huroob status Police will be in search for you and once if you get caught under Huroob status you will be deported back to your country.

Why it is important to check Huroob Status on Iqama:

  • If you’re are in Huroob Status and get caught by Police then you’ll be sent to the detention center and after few days will be deported to your Home country with a lifetime ban on entering the kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Your Iqama gets cancelled if you’re in Huroob Status
  • Anything which is linked with your Iqama gets cancelled
  • Once Huroob status is active, you will become and illegal immigrant in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia……Additional List of things you cannot do once you’re in Huroob are listed in this article

Check Huroob Status on Iqama on MOL and MOI website

Check your Huroob status Online in Saudi on MOL website

1) To check your Huroob status on your Iqama, You’ll have to login to official website of Ministry of Labor ( and Enter your Valid Iqama number in the second Text Box provided

2) Then Enter the Captcha code provided in the image in the 4th Text box

3) After Entering all the details, submit it. If you dont have any Huroob status and is good then you will be seeing the message as shown below with these details:

Check Huroob Status on Iqama Online on Saudi

Your Name:
Kafeel Number:
Nitaqat Status of Kafeel (White or Green or Red)

If you’re in Huroob then you’ll be seeing the below message. Once you see this below message, you can confirm with Jawazat Office along with your Iqama.

Check Huroob Status on Iqama Online on

All the above steps can be followed to check Huroob against your Iqama. Additionally.

This article helps you to Check Iqama Huroob Status if your Sponsor has put Runaway (Huroob) report against your Iqama in KSA.

Check Huroob Status on MOI (Ministry of Interior) website

To Check Iqama Huroob Status on MOI website follow the steps below:
– Open Ministry of Interior Website
– Enter Iqama Number and Captcha code shown
– Press View button

If you a message “Public Query Available Funds Failed, the ID is invalid!” means you’re under Huroob

Once an expat is in Huroob Status, the police will start searching for you and once caught will be detained or sent to the detention center.

If you are deported back to your home country, you will be only able to come back to Saudi Arabia after completing the term of Ban

If your Iqama status is in Huroob, you will get employment status as (Absent From Work)

If your Iqama status is in normal, you will get employment status as (On The Duty)

Here is a good article to know How you can Remove Huroob from your Iqama.

Hope this helps!

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