How to Remove or Cancel Huroob Status on Iqama

When you’re under Huroob Status or in Runaway Status from your Kafeel, If your Iqama status on MOL website shows that you’re Absent from work then your Kafeel has put you in Huroob and now you wanted to Cancel or Remove Huroob status then you’ll have to consider few things. You can Remove or Cancel Huroob Status on Iqama then you’ll have to do the following things:

How to Remove or Cancel Huroob Status on Iqama

Request Kafeel / Sponsor

– Request your Kafeel or Sponsor to remove Huroob by Paying him some monetary compensation or negotiate with him.

Approach Social Workers

– Take help of Social Workers or Embassy to solve this Issue in the labour Court. Because you cannot approach Labor law alone without their help.

Surrender Yourself

– Surrender yourself to the Deportation Center which is known as Tharheel Center. Once you approach them they will arrest you for few days and put you in Jail and then deport you to your Home Country.

Once you get ban, you’ll will be unable to enter Saudia Arabia for 5 years.

Few Important Things related to Huroob:

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Payment Fees for Removal of Huroob Status on Iqama