Saudi Expats Can Appeal against Huroob

Expat in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can now challenge or appeal against Huroob reported against them due to absenteeism from work by their employers or Kafeels (Sponsors)

Ministry of Labor & Social Development has launched an initiative in the kingdom where Expatriates can appeals against their employers for accusing a false Huroob on them or for false report making for not coming to work.

To appeal or challenge against Huroob with employers or sponsors it is important for every expat to have a valid Iqama. One cannot appeal against Huroob if his Iqama has expired.

Saudi Expats Can Appeal against Huroob

How to Appeal?

Any Expat Employee can appeal or challenge false Huroob report by his employer by Filing an objection plea in the official website of Ministry of Labor & Social development (

Once the Expat employee has filed a plea, Employee or Kafeels (Sponsors) cannot report Huroob to employees

This initiative was taken by Ministry of Labor & Social development to prevent flse Huroob Reports by employers and reduce the misuse of Huroob service by employers and Sponsors.

It also aims that employers will now report only accurate Huroob which will create a healthy relationsihp between Employee & Employer.

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