Forced Bachelor life of Expat in KSA

Expats Life in Saudi Arabia has been going through many Ups & Downs now a days and I’m posting one of my Blog readers experience as a post below:

I was in Riyadh during the month of November 2018. I met a lot of people, mostly from Hyderabad during my one month stay, middle aged or elderly people who sent their families back to India either because of additional expenses or for their children’s higher education. The striking similarity among of all them is lack of smiles, people visibly gloomy about lot of things going on. It is emotionally challenging for anyone to live alone at this age, particularly for those people who were living with their families. Continuous newsfeed about layoffs and terminations going on around, one can imagine the stress that these people are going through.

Forced Bachelor life of Expat in KSA

Then there are those unhygienic food outlets where they eat. The desi TV channels, instead of entertainment, spew out depressing content all the time. These are some dangerous conditions that will lead to severe physical and mental health problems. People living alone should be aware of these risks and take preventive care. The foremost step is to establish a connection with Almighty. Improve physical fitness by exercising regularly. If nothing else, brisk walk for an hour will be enough. Physical activity also helps in reducing stress. You will get good sleep and won’t have to keep awake till late in the night. Playing team sports will help you in keeping fit and make new friends as well. Pickup a hobby and spend time on it. Avoid eating outside, cook your own food. Cooking helps you in bringing out your creative side.

Keeping away from TV and WhatsApp content will give you time to read books, learn new skills. Prepare a plan for your next career step and gain the required skills. If you are planning to go back to your country, you can spend some time to research on the job opportunities there. If needed, enroll in courses online and get additional degrees. If you are planning to do your own business after returning to your country, take some time out to reach out to successful businessmen back home to explore business opportunities. Real estate is not the only option you have. Keep networking with people with positive outlook and always be positive.

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