Check Iqama Validity and Expiry Date Online in KSA

Saudi Iqama Expiry Date Check Online

Check your Iqama Validity and Expiry Date Online

Iqama (residence permit) is one of an important document every expatriate needs to have to exist and live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a document which needs to be carried with you all the time. Iqama is required everywhere for usage of any government or private service such as  to Open a new bank account; paying bills, applying Visa; getting a SIM Card and etc.

Iqama Expiry Date can be checked through many ways; Iqama Expiry check through MOI absher portal, through MOL KSA & through Absher Mobile app

To Check Expiry & Validity of Iqama only Saudi Iqama number is required. You can check Iqama Expiry details on where you will need a Absher account. It is important to know these details because everything such as Bank Account, SIM Card, Traffic Violations, etc are linked to your Iqama.

Iqama Expiry check can also be done without Absher App. Here are the details.

There are many other websites which are giving information on How to Check Iqama Expiry Online? But we provide you the easiest ways to check Iqama validity & expiry Online via Absher or through Ministry of Interior (MOI).

Keep a check on your Iqama Renewal is important for each and every Expat living in Saudi Arabia. Once a Iqama Validity gets expired, Jawazat provides 3 days grace period to get it renewed

Iqama Expiry Date can be checked by three ways:

  1. Through KSA Absher’s portal
  2. Absher App
  3. MOL KSA website

Iqama Date Expiry Check Online

Check your Iqama Validity and Expiry Date Online

Iqama Date Expiry Check Online through Absher

If you want to check the Validity of your Iqama and want to know the information regarding when your Iqama will Expire / Expiry Date / Iqama Validity. You’ll have to visit the Official website of Ministry of Interior (MOI) of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (

If you want to change the website language from Arabic to English or Vice Versa you can do it by changing the language option on the Absher website or by using Google Translate.

  • Once the Absher website gets opened, Select ‘Individuals’
  • Log in with your username & password
  • You’ll receive an OTP via SMS to your registered Mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP received on your Mobile

how to check iqama expiry date online absher - SaudiExpatriate

  • Clicking on ‘Query Iqama Expiry Service’ will take you to a page wherein you’ll have to fill the below details:
  • Iqama Number:
  • Enter Image Code:
  • Click on View button as shown below

Check your Iqama Validity, Expiry Date Online SaudiExpatriate

  • After clicking on view button, Iqama detail will be visible on the Absher website with Iqama Expiry Date in Hijri date format.

Iqama Date Expiry Check Online through MOL

If you’re not registered with Absher and does not have an Absher account, still you will be able to check Iqama expiry date through MOL website

Visit the Official MOL website (

Select language as English, Urdu or Arabic

Iqama Expiry Check MOL website - SaudiExpatriate

Enter the below details:

  • Iqama Number:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Enter Captcha Code as shown in the image

Once you submit those details, the next page you will see the Date of Iqama Expiry as shown below:

Iqama Expiry Date Check

Get details of Iqama Expiry with the help of Saudi Iqama number and Get Iqama Expiry date Online, so that before the Validity of your Iqama expires you get it extended.

The above article will help you in check iqama expiry date in saudi arabia, check iqama expiry date or validity online through MOI official website.

We request all the expatriates to check iqama date expiry on Abhser portal using their Iqama number or Find Iqama expiry date on their Iqama to check iqama date expiry service online on Ministry of Interior website in Saudi Arabia.

Iqama can be checked online for all the Expats living in the kingdom (Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Madina, etc).

Latest information on Expiry of Iqama for 2022 & 2023 can be found here in this detailed articles which helps the expats living in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to keep a track on the dates on when their Iqama is going to be expired and when they need to renew it accordingly.

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