Iqama Expiry Date Check without Absher Account

Check Your Iqama Expiry Date on MOL without Absher Account

Iqama Expiration Date without

This post will help you Check Iqama Expiry and Iqama Expiry Date without using Abhser account.

  Iqama Expiry Date Check

To Check Iqama Expiry without an Absher account.

1) Please open the website: (
2) Once the website is opened, you’ll be able to see the below screen

Iqama Expiration Date without

3) Select the language as ‘English’ or ‘Arabic’ based on your language preferences from the Top-right corner of the screen

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4) Enter “Iqama Number” and your “Date of birth” in the specified text boxed given along with the verification code shown in the image and then click “Next”

Iqama Expiry Inquiry Service DOB -

Once clicked Next, you’ll be taken to the next page where you can see all your details below:

MOL Iqama Expiry Date Check-

Date of Birth:
Iqama Number:
Iqama Expiration Date:
Mobile Number:

You’ll be able to see Iqama Expiry Date in both Gregorian and Hijri format through MOL online Inquiry service.

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