New Changes in Saudi Labor Laws in 2019

Ministry of Labor & Social Development have enforced new changes in Saudi Labor Laws 2019. There have been many changes to Saudi Labor Law in the year 2019. We set out below a summary of some of the key areas that have undergone amendments:

New Changes Saudi Labor Laws in 2019

Do Not Hold Iqama/Passport/Health Cards

  • Employers in Saudi Arabia will not be allowed to keep employees (Expatriates) Iqama, Health Cards, Passports as reported by Saudi Local media

Extension of Fine Payment for Companies

  • For any Company violations, companies will have to correct their violations within 10 days of time period instead of 30 days and all the fines must be paid within a time period of 60 days instead of 15 days.

If any company is fails to pay the fine to fix the issue in time, The Ministry of Labor & Social Development can also suspend its services

No End of Service Benefits

As per the new changes in Saudi Labor Law 2019 an employee can be fired without even receiving his End of Service Benefits (ESB) in the following conditions:

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  • Any worker who is absent to work for more than 15 days long leave at a stretch or who will take a total of 30 days of absense in a year
  • Any worker who physically attacks his colleague at work place or even exchanges harsh words with his superior or manager verbally or over electronic media (E-mail, Telephone or Physically)

For the above two conditions are imposed on any employee he will not recieve his End of Service benefits in Saudi Arabia

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