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End of Service Benefits Award Calculator in Saudi Arabia

End of Service Award Calculator in Saudi

End of Service Benefits can be calculated before you wanna leave Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian Government has provided a facility to know your end of Service Awards according to Saudi Labor Law. End of Service benefits is every workers right on the employer after completion of contract or termination by the employer.

It should not be used by those exempt from the provisions on the Labor Law under Article 7 of Saudi Labor Law. The end of service benefits for domestic workers is covered under separate legislation in Article 16 of the Domestic Workers Law under Saudi Labor Law.

Know more about How End of Service benefits are calculated for getting Awards, Rewards or Benefits form your Employer as per Saudi Labor Law.

End of Service Award Calculator in Saudi

End of Service Benefits Calculator


You can now calculate End of Service Benefits Award using the Official website of Labor Education and here are the steps:

1 – Open the Official website of Labor education (

2 – Go to ‘Rights and Duties‘ and under it Click ‘End of Service Award‘ from the drop-down menu

Labor Education Website End of Service

3 – You’ll see two options after going to this page

  1. Amount and Conditions of the Award >> This will give you the details about the Amount & Conditions of End of Service Award
  2. End of Service benefits calculation >> Go here To Calculate the End of Service benefits

You can also go to this link to do directly to the End of Service Benefits Calculator.

After getting to the page where you can see the Calculator, follow the below steps:

  1. Select the ‘Type of Contract’
  2. Select the ‘Reason for end of service’
  3. Enter your ‘Salary’
  4. Enter ‘Duration of Service’
  5. Press ‘Amount’ Button

After pressing the Amount button, You will be able to see the Amount you’ll get for your End of Service benefits.

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