Iqama Lost or Stolen in Saudi Arabia| Follow these Steps Now

Iqama Lost or Stolen in Saudi Arabia, Follow these Steps Now-SaudiExpatriate

Iqama or Muqeem Card in Saudi Arabia is a personal identification card issued by the Government of Saudi Arabia. Its one of the most important document which needs to carried always and show your identity to Police or Government officials in Saudi.

Iqama Lost or Stolen in Saudi Arabia, Follow these Steps Now-SaudiExpatriate

If you’ve lost your Iqama or your Iqama is stolen then you would be in a big problem. Roaming around without Iqama and get caught will land you paying a fine starting 1000 SAR – 3000 SAR and even get deportation from the Kingdom.

Your Iqama can get stolen in Saudi by gangs or few people out there for extortion which is believed to be run by African or Somalian people, instead of dealing with them directly, its good that Expatriates go directly to Sponsor and Police about the Lost or Stolen Iqama.

Once, you get know that your Iqama is Lost or Stolen, you will need to follow the below things:

1) Check once again for Iqama in your Home/ Office all the pockets or any places you think you might have kept and forgot. If confirmed that Iqama is lost, then go ahead with next steps mentioned below.

2) Report your Sponsor or Kafeel that your Iqama has been stolen or lost within 24 hours.

Note: If you’re informing the authorities about your Lost Iqama within 24 hours, then you will not be penalized or fine for it.

3) After reporting to Sponsor or Kafeel, go to the nearest Police station and write a Report in Arabic that you’ve lost Iqama or your Iqama was stolen. This letter should be on your company letter head stating how you lost your Iqama.

4) After doing this, someone form your company or you’ll have to visit Jawazat Office along with the following documents:

– Iqama copy
– Passport original & copy
– 2 passport size photographs
– Lost Iqama form from Jawazat Office
– Copy of Police Report
– Payment Fee (Fine)

Once all the documents are submitted and finger printing is done, then your traffic violations are checked then your new Iqama application will be processed.

Note for Expatriates: If you’re reporting within 24 hours of Lost or Stolen Iqama, you’ll not pay the fine.

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