Avoid going to Jail in Huroob and Get Final Exit from KSA

Avoid going to Jail in Huroob and Get Final Exit from KSA

Any Expatriate who is marked as Absconding or ‘Absent from Work’ by his sponsor or Kafeel will be in Huroob Status and when in Huroob status and gets caught will be sent to Jail and will be imposed with heavy fines.

Most of the Expatriates Living in Saudi Arabia face this situation when Huroob status is implied on them by their Sponsors.

Avoid going to Jail in Huroob and Get Final Exit from KSA

If you got to know that your Kafeel or sponsor have put you in Huroob (How to Check your Huroob Status). There are few ways you can do end Huroob status.

Please follow the few things to end your Huroob Status

1) File and application with your Embassy in Saudi Arabia, which mean you’re surrendering yourself.

2) After Filing an application, Embassy will give an undertaking to the government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that the Expatriate will leave Saudi within 72 hours.

3) Once the pleas is registered, KSA government will check your history sheet for any criminal records and then the authorities will do the needful.

4) From the Embassy, apply for the Emergency passport of your country, but in some cases your passport will be with your sponsor or Kafeel. Try to get it from him or inform the Embassy.

5) Once you’ve your Emergency passport, you ca easily get deported after taking the fingerprints and document verification.

6) Make sure that you have paid all penalties and fines under your Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

7) Also check for any traffic violations, if any.

Once all these above things are done, you can get a Final Exit from Saudi Arabia.

All these conditions are applied on those having Huroob status in their Iqama and wanted Fianl exit from Saudi Arabia without going to Jail.

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