Iqama (Muqeem) Card in Saudi Arabia

Iqama (Muqeem) Card in Saudi Arabia is Identity Card

If you’ve friends or relatives working in Saudi Arabia. You would have definitely heard about people discussing about Iqama. What is this Iqama and why it is so important.

All Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia land in Saudi Arabia with a Visa. Immigrants / Expats who want to live in the kingdom will come with a Work Visa or a permanent Family Visa and would require Iqama for the first 90 days of their arrival.

Iqama (Muqeem) Card in Saudi Arabia is Identity Card

Iqama is just like an Identity Card – A Personal Identification Card issues by the Government of Saudi Arabia. Iqama is a personal Identity card for every expatriate to live in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and will be the responsibility of the Employer or Sponsor to take care of Iqama expenses.

If they are unable to do so, expats will be free to transfer their sponsorship without Sponsor consent.

If you don’t have Iqama yet, please get it from your sponsor or you will be unable to step outside your home without a valid Iqama which acts as a valid residence permit for every Expatriate living in this Country.

Iqama is the primary Identity card to obtain almost all the basic needs from getting a Sim Card, Bank Account, etc.

The newer version for Iqama is known as Muqeem Card which was started from 1437 Hijri (14th Oct 2015) in which the government provided a new type of Identity Cards for Expatriates living in Saudi.

Muqeem Resident card is already launched in Riyadh by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Naif, Deputy Premier and MOI (Ministry Of Interior)

Iqama OR Muqeem Card Details:

Muqeem card would contain Photo, Name, Date of Birth, Number, Occupation, Nationality, Work eligibility, Religion, Employer name and Work permit number.

Expires in min 5 years and maximum Lifetime and can be renwed by by employer through muqeem online service or abshir service.

Muqeem Card will contain the below details:

Name of card holder
ID number
Employers name
Photograph of card holder

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