Is your Saudi Driving Licence Valid? Check it Now

Is you Saudi Driving Licence Valid? Check it Now

It is clear now How to Apply for the License in Saudi Arabia, now if we need to check the authenticity of the received driving licence, No doubt the licence received from the government office  will be original, still some people want to check whether its valid and want to check its Authenticity, which can be done as shown below.

Is you Saudi Driving Licence Valid? Check it Now

A. When the payment of the driving license is paid by the individual itself by using Internet banking (You can also check the article on How to Pay for Saudi Driving Licence), when checked on MOI website its shows funds available under your Iqama and then pay for licence renewal fees. This will not be accepted as you still did not get the driving licence (this method of testing can be applied only after paying fees for driving licence).

B. Once you received your driving license do the same thing again by going on to the website of MOI and check funds available under your Iqama this will show zero funds available, then try to pay driving licence renewal fees,this
time the bank will accept, that means all the work is gone through officially and the driving licence issued is authentic and Valid.

C. Try to match the water marks on the your Driving License authorities and your friend’s license both will be same.

D. Match your Photo on Iqama and your Driving Licence, this also proves that the Driving Licence is Valid as a Valid Driving Licence in Saudi Arabia will have the same Photo as its in the Iqama or Muqeem Card.

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