Steps to clear Computer Test to get Saudi Driving Licence


It is not that difficult to clear the computer test,we have to at least answer 15 correct out of 20. You can select the language of your choice for the test,Computer test
can be cleared with little preparation.The signs might confuse them are you as most of them are similar, so little concentration is required and you will clear the computer test.

You will have to get to the driving school once again for taking the computer test which will be of 30 minutes. You need to get 15 questions right out of 20 questions to clear the test. After clearing the computer test you will have to take the final driving test.


Sample Questions & Answers to Clear Computer Test to get Saudi Driving License:

Question: Researches and studies confirm that safety belt helps to?
Answer: Reduce the potential injuries and severe damage on accidents.

Question: Driving of vehicles on road is not permitted without:
Answer: Getting a driving permission or license

Question: Should Drivers follow the speed limits in all circumstances?
Answer: Shouldn’t follow but considering the road status, weather and ambient conditions.

Question: Following the tracks of roads (lanes) means?
Answer: All mentioned above

Question: Driving under alcohol or drugs influence
Answer: 24 pt.

Question: Half an hour before the sunset the driver must do the following
Answer: Turn on the vehicles lights

Question: It is necessary to use safety belt
Answer: Always

Question: Committing the legal traffic violation means
Answer: Paying a fine and adding points to the drivers log

Question: Traffic systems in Saudi Arabia states that drivers, passengers should user a safety belt on
Answer: All the roads

Question: Overtaking is prohibited in the following places:
Answer: All mentioned above.
Question: The purpose of the entries and exists of highways is:
Answer: Giving the opportunity to the drivers to adjust their speed according to the traffic

Question: To switch between road tracks, the driver should do the following
Answer: Use the signals (light indicators)

Question: To check non-existance of vehicles in blind areas, you should do the following
Answer: Winding

Question: What is the meaning of these lines on road?
Answer: Overtaking allowed

Question: Passing in areas in which passing is prohibited, will add to log
Answer: 6 points

Question: When existing from the highway, it is preferable to
Answer: Reduce speed

Question: The traffic can hang those who violates the speed limits by
Answer: All mentioned above

Question: Why is using mobile phone risky during driving?
Answer: All mentioned above

Question: The speed limit on the road means
Answer: Follow but considering the road status

Question: Getting a driving license means
Answer: Getting familiar and committed with traffic regulations and rules

Question: Parking in places specified for handicapped people is
Answer: Forbidden

Question: The most common accidents that occur by schools
Answer: A run over

Question: When you see an emergency vehicle with its siren sound, you should
Answer: Give it a way

Question: If you had to stop your vehicle on a side of one-way road for an emergency, you should place the safety triangle with a distance
Answer:100 m

Question: Among the issue you confirm when replacing tires are the Production date, and in the B tires it has symbol.
Answer: 3 digits

You can also download an app on Android / iOS for Sample Questions and Sample Test for practicing Question & Answers for Computer Test for obtaining Driving Licence in Saudi Arabia.



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