Steps to convert UAE Driving License to Saudi Driving License

Steps to convert your UAE Driving License to Saudi Driving License

There are two ways of getting the Saudi driving licence either by converting your Dubai driving licence or by applying for new Saudi licence. Convert your licence only in the case if you are going to stay in Saudi Arabia for more than two years otherwise better apply for a new Saudi Driving licence. You can get detailed information on How to Apply for a new Driving License in Saudi Arabia.

Steps to convert your UAE Driving License to Saudi Driving License

Because your licence can be renewed in UAE easily if you go back within 2 years, this should be kept in mind before making licence.

Please find below the list of required documents for converting UAE driving licence to KSA driving licence

  • Copy of Iqama along with original Iqama
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Copy of UAE driving licence and the original licence
  • Sponsor letter
  • Passport copy with the Saudi VISA page copy
  • Blood group report
  • A duly filled KSA driving licence application form in Arabic, If you don’t know you can get this done by the agents who charge some fees and fill the application in Arabic.
    UAE licence will be stamped with this file.
  • Renewal fees will be for the period of 10 years, 5 years and 2 years SR400, SR200 and SR80 respectively.

With this your file is ready now take that file and go to for the eye test,after this your file is signed and stamped,then you need to give a driving test,here you can ask vehicle of your choice that is manual or automatic,this is also a mere formality.

It would be helpful if you learn few words in Arabic like left,right,reverse etc as most of the times the examiner might not know English. During the test be cool and don’t be in hurry as the examiner might try to confuse you,calmly adjust your vehicle mirrors and seat belt. A letter stating that you have cleared the driving test will be given by the examiner, along with your file and now you have to submit this to the next counter where you will be issued KSA driving licence within 30 minutes.

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