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How to get Driving License in KSA (Saudi Arabia)

Driving License Procedure in Saudi Arabia

Driving License Procedure in Saudi Arabia -

Saudi Arabia’s transport service is not that huge, only few buses are available for travelling, that too not in all the routes, which is not that helpful. The taxi facility is good and price is less when compared to other GCC countries.

People who goes to Saudi Arabia for Jobs and live there for few years, after getting a decent Job will definitely buy a Car or own vehicle to travel from one place to another.

But to Drive your own Car or vehicle, one must have a Driving License in Saudi Arabia.

Driving License Procedure in Saudi Arabia -

But, if one can drive his own car that would be very useful and cheaper, For driving a Car, one needs to obtain a driving License in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Obtaining a driving license in KSA is not that difficult when compared to countries like Qatar and UAE.

Getting a Driving License in the the World Largest Oil Producer is not a big deal. gives you the steps to get Driving License in Saudi Arabia.

How to get a Driving License in KSA (Saudi Arabia)

Requirements for obtaining KSA (Saudi Arabia) driving license are:

1.  Age of the applicant for the driving license should be 18 years.

2. Males & Females can apply for license in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

3. Fees for issuing driving license varies from license to license i.e. for the period of 10 years, 5 years and 2 years license fees are SR400, SR200 and SR80 respectively, which can be paid through ATM or mobile or SADAD payment channel.

4. You need to produce medical report, which could be obtained at any approved clinics by undergoing medical tests like blood test and eyetest by paying around SR150 as fees, and they upload your on Efada website, and only those updated reports are valued at Dallah.

5. Required documents for the driving test at Dallah are

a. Arabic translated Driving license of your native country.
b. Iqama copy
c. Copy of visa
d. 4-6 passport sized photographs
e. Saudi (KSA) driving license application form properly filled.


Dallah Driving School Timings

In case you have to take training classes. Register in nearby Dallah driving school. The Dallah schools are in all the major cities and operate in two shifts.

Day Shift: 7:00 to 12:00

Evening Shift: 15:00 to 19:00

You need to confirm the timings with the school as well. Timings can be different during Ramadan and on other occasions. Better to check with your school.

School training fee is about 435 SAR

6. Stand in the queue and obtain the token for license check counter, if its for the first time you will get a token which starts with letter “B”.

7. you will find 2 queues, one for manual and the other for automatic car, make sure you stand in proper queue which you have selected in your driving application form.

8. It would be helpful if you learn few words in Arabic like left, right, reverse, etc as most of the times the examiner might not know English. During the test be cool and don’t be in hurry as the examiner might try to confuse you, calmly adjust your mirrors and seat belt. If you have cleared here you will get “A” which means you are cleared for the final round, which will be a computer test and the fee will be SR100, within few minutes of computer test they will be announcing the results, if your name is announced that means you need to go for final driving test and if you clear this, they will give you the file which should be produced in the computer room, they will be calling your name and the KSA (Saudi Arabia) driving license will be handed over to you.

8. If you fail in the final test, a slip will be given and you have to produce that slip to get a new date for the driving test, only 3 chances will be provided, and if you fail in all the 3 chances, you need to apply with a fresh file.

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