Online Driving License Renewal through Absher

The ability to renew your Saudi driving license online is now available through ABSHER; but, before you can move forward with the application process, you are required to acquire a medical check-up certificate. It must have been taken from an ABSHER-designated and ABSHER-approved medical facility.

Someone on Twitter posed the following query to the Traffic Police: “If I have paid the renewal fee and submitted the application for my driving license, what should I do next so that my application can move forward for the renewal command and the process can be completed?” the Traffic Police replied that the person in question had paid the renewal fee and submitted the application for their driving license.

The answer provided by the Traffic Police was that the renewal of a driver’s license can be completed through the use of an Absher account; however, it is necessary to obtain a medical check-up certificate from a hospital that has been certified by Absher

The procedure of renewing a driving license via the Internet requires the completion of a few steps. We are going to have a detail steps about these.

Steps to Renew your Saudi Arabian Driving License Online:

You will need to provide the necessary information on the license renewal form, which can be obtained at Dalla Driving School. Bring the paperwork with you when you go to the Efada-approved hospital in the area. On this form, the results of every test, including the eye exam and the blood group, will be written down.

Steps for Saudi Driving License Renewal Online

Eye Test for Saudi Driving License Renewal Online:

The data regarding the patient’s blood group is also collected, in addition to the eye exam, which is an essential component of the medical examination. The applicant needs to go through a full medical examination at a facility that shares all of its findings with the system used by the traffic police. After your report has been reviewed by a physician, it will be sent to the traffic police, and you will get a text message reminding you to make the payment.

Eye Test for the renewal of Saudi Driving License

Saudi driving license renewal fees :

The check-up needs to take place at a hospital that is connected to the system that the traffic police use so that the report can be automatically delivered. The cost of renewing a Saudi driver’s license comes with this requirement. After that, the applicant will either pay the fixed charge for five years of validity or the annual fee for ten years of validity. Remember that the license cannot be renewed if you have any challans that have not been paid for that were issued for violating the rules of the road. In order to proceed with the application, the challan that is now outstanding needs to have its balance paid.

  • You can pay the renewal fee using the quick pay feature of any Saudi bank’s mobile app.
Saudi driving license renewal fees
  • Simply navigate to Sadad, then choose the option labelled Government Payment and Refund.
  • After that, choose the option to renew your license from the service list and pick the driving license as the biller.
  • If you are renewing your driver’s license online and paying for it, make sure the “registered” option is selected.
Saudi driving license renewal fees
  • Complete the required fields, such as the Iqama number and the period of the license, and choose the appropriate license type.
  • click to check all traffic violations
  • To complete the payment, click the Proceed button.
Saudi driving license renewal fees

Renewing Your Saudi License Can Be Done in ABSHER:

It is recommended that you use the browser rather than the application in order to renew your ABSHER license. The actions that need to be taken are as follows:

  • Launch the ABSHER website by clicking on the link provided here.
Renewing Your Saudi License Can Be Done in ABSHER
  • Choose the option for a person, then log in with your Iqama number and the password you created.
    After clicking on services, choose the Traffic option from the drop-down menu.
Renewing Your Saudi License Can Be Done in ABSHER
  • Click the option to renew your driver’s license.
    You will now be able to view all of the necessary conditions for the renewal of your Saudi driving license online.
Saudi driving license renewal fee
  • Be sure to pay close attention to the instructions that are displayed, and then finish your application online using only a few easy steps.
    As can be seen, the renewal of the license was completed without any problems.
Saudi driving license renewal fee

Delivery of Licenses or Pickup of Licenses From Dallah:

You will be prompted to confirm the delivery request at the very end of the process of completing the application for the renewal of your license. You have the option of continuing with the delivery request method or making advantage of the pick-up service offered by the Dalla Driving School that is geographically located closest to the address that was provided on the license application.

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