Top 10 Things should be avoided in Saudi Arabia

Things Not to Do in Saudi Arabia

Top 10 Things should be avoided in Saudi

Most of the people Living in Saudi Arabia does not know few things where they can be punished if they are caught doing these below things. This is also applicable for any new expatriate who have just moved to Saudi Arabia and do any of the below things.

It’s important to note that many of these limitations and prohibitions are justified by the nation’s devotion to Islamic law and its traditional cultural values. Although some of these regulations may come off as tough or onerous to individuals from other cultures, they are a crucial component of Saudi Arabia’s identity and the way of life for its citizens.

Furthermore, it’s critical to acknowledge Saudi Arabia’s recent accomplishments in modernisation and social change. A few examples of the nation’s efforts to advance and open itself to the world include the lifting of the prohibition on women driving and the opening of movie theatres.

It’s crucial to remember that there are still a lot of areas where development is possible, particularly in relation to concerns like women’s rights, freedom of speech, and LGBTQ+ rights. It will be interesting to watch how the nation’s laws and regulations alter as it continues to modernise and develop in order to reflect the shifting values and views of its citizens.

Top 10 Things should be avoided in Saudi

Alcohol: Both the sale and consumption of alcohol are forbidden in Saudi Arabia. This is because the nation upholds Islamic law, which forbids alcohol consumption.

Drugs: In Saudi Arabia, it is illegal to possess, consume, or traffic any kind of illegal substance. Drugs are illegal throughout the nation, and people found in possession of them risk harsh punishments like imprisonment or even death.

Pork: Due to religious restrictions, pork and products are prohibited in the nation. Since eating pork is forbidden in Islam, no restaurants nor stores in the nation carry it.

Pornography: It is strictly forbidden in Saudi Arabia to possess or distribute pornographic material. Pornography production, distribution, and consumption are all strictly prohibited by law in the nation, and violators face harsh punishments.

Gambling: Saudi Arabia forbids all forms of gambling. This encompasses both offline and internet gambling, as well as gambling in traditional venues like casinos and card games.

Public shows of affection: Saudi Arabia forbids public demonstrations of affection between couples. This involves holding hands, hugging, and kissing in front of others.

Women driving: Until 2018, Saudi Arabia did not let women to operate motor vehicles. As part of the nation’s efforts to modernise and advance, the prohibition was repealed.

Women’s clothing: Saudi Arabian law stipulates that women must wear abayas in public. The face and hands are left uncovered by the long, loose abaya, which covers the rest of the body.

Non-Muslim religious practices:  Saudi Arabia forbids the practise of non-Muslim religions. Only Islamic religious practises are allowed because the nation is an Islamic state.

Non-married couples staying together:  In Saudi Arabia, it is forbidden for unmarried couples to share a room. Both locals and visitors fall under this category.

Criticizing the government: In Saudi Arabia, it is forbidden to criticise the executive branch or the royal family. The nation has strong regulations limiting free expression, and individuals who criticise the government may suffer serious consequences.

LGBTQ+ activities: Homosexuality is prohibited in Saudi Arabia, and offenders may be sentenced to life in prison or perhaps the death penalty if they are found guilty.

Music in public: Saudi Arabia forbids the playing of music in public. Live music and recorded music played through a stereo or other device are both included in this.

Christmas festivities: Since Saudi Arabia does not observe Christmas, it is forbidden to exhibit Christmas decorations or hold Christmas celebrations in public.

Valentine’s Day: Saudi Arabia does not observe Valentine’s Day, and any public shows of affection or presents given or received by couples may be viewed as a breach of the nation’s stringent regulations against such behaviour.

Women’s participation in sports: Until recently, Saudi Arabia did not permit women to participate in any sports. Women are now permitted to participate in sports and even compete in international events, marking recent substantial development in this area for the nation.

Cinema: Saudi Arabia has outlawed cinemas for more than 35 years, but as part of the nation’s efforts to modernise and advance, the ban was repealed in 2018.

Non-Islamic literature: Saudi Arabia censors non-Islamic publications aggressively, including books and magazines. The importing and dissemination of such products are strictly prohibited by federal regulations.

Hacking: Hacking is prohibited in Saudi Arabia.

Cybercrime: In Saudi Arabia, cybercrime is a serious offence. The use of technology in the nation is strictly regulated by law, and anyone found guilty of hacking, phishing, or other types of cybercrime risks facing serious repercussions.

– Do Not post personal pictures or Videos of other people on Internet without their consent (Fine up-to 500,000 SAR)

– Do Not make any Danger or Derogatory posts on Social media or on websites

– Do Not post or criticize anything about Politics or anything against King or Prince in Saudi Arabia

– Do Not spread false information about anything in Saudi Arabia (Fine up-to 1 Million AED)

– Do Not insult or make fun of Islam at any cost

– Do Not post pictures of Alcohol drinking or Nudity or Vulgarity (Legal consequences)

– Never Share your social media account password with anyone, because if they post any wrong post on your behalf, you might get into a problem.

– Do Not go out of your Home without carrying your Iqama

– Do Not break traffic Rules (Heavy Fines)

– Do Not accommodate or transport illegal Expatriates in Saudi

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