Top 10 Mandi Restaurants in Riyadh, KSA

Best Places to Eat Arabic Mandi Food in Riyadh

Top 10 Mandi Restaurants in Riyadh KSA


Mandi is well-known worldwide due to its combination of meat and rice with an exquisite blend of sauces and spices. Saudi Arabia has carefully nourished the various flavors of mandi within its borders and the taste and appeal of international food, can’t detract from this local and traditional dish. If you’re in search of the finest mandi in Riyadh, You’ve come to the right spot!

Arabic restaurants are also well-known due to their cozy ambiance and unique seating arrangements and delicious aroma. This is why we have compiled a guide to restaurants serving the finest mandi in Riyadh that you must be sure to explore:

Top 10 Mandi Restaurants in Riyadh KSA

Top 10 Mandi Restaurants in Riyadh, KSA


Cabrito Restaurants Company was established in 2003. Cabrito serves a wide variety of rice and every kind of meat, which is characterized by being among the most delicious varieties available in the market. We spice our meat with an unique and distinctive way. The whole lamb is cooked before our clients, and it creates the unique aroma that is hard not to resist. Cabrito also offers a broad range of dishes like barbecued chicken, various barbecues and grilled quail, rabbits as well as salads, appetizers and tasty desserts like Kenafah

2-Shiekh Al-Mandi

Sheikh Mandi Restaurant is a Middle Eastern place is located in Riyadh, Riyadh Province. The address for Sheikh Mandi Restaurant is As Suwaidi Al Am, Sultanah, Riyadh 12777 Saudi Arabia. If you’d like to go there or require any assistance, you can reach them directly. The number to dial is +96611 457 855

3-Al Romansiah

In 1418 AH, Romansiah opened its first branch in Riyadh. Since that time, Romansiah has been busy catering to their clients’ requirements and desires with one mandi at a.

The passion of Romansiah is evident in the opening of 30 branches across the region that include Riyadh, Al-Kharj, Al-Qassim, Al-Ahsa, Dammam, Jeddah, Medinah. They’ve also exported Saudi taste to Saudi Arabia to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Arguably the most famous restaurant chain that serves delicious Saudi food to all, Al Romansiah use only the best quality ingredients to give you flavors that will make your grandmother proud. Chicken is the mainstay in this restaurant along with the madfoon and mandi dishes particularly pleasing to the palate and, therefore, they must be given the distinction of being one of the top restaurants for Saudi cuisine in Riyadh.

Although they’re not exactly traditional Saudi dishes Samosas are delicious. Make sure to have dessert but the kunafa can be pretty difficult to beat.

Open Sat-Thu 10am-1am, Fri 12.15pm-1am. There are many locations, such as Az Zubair Ibn Al Awam, Ar Rawabi, (92 000 0144).

4- Kabsa Plus

Kabsa Plus brings to Riyadh’s dining table, and it’s impossible not to fall in love with the food. Since the most popular places to enjoy Saudi cuisine in Riyadh don’t necessarily have to be fancy restaurants.

All days noon-1.30am. Al Imam Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz Branch Rd, King Fahd, (011 415 5556).

5-Al Najdiyah Village

The idea of bringing the most popular foods from the Saudi Arabian Najd region and investing its soul and heart in sharing these with the citizens of Riyadh is a noble idea. Najd Village doesn’t skimp on the authenticity and offers the opportunity to eat your food the traditional way , by hand and upon the ground.

Najd is located in central Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Najd region has a long-standing and historical importance.

Najd Village restaurant is popular for its mouthwatering mandi food and its traditional architectural style. Many people return to it because of its blend of simple with privacy, taste, and style.

One of the top spots to eat Saudi cuisine in Riyadh and definitely the most well-known, Najd Village produces a variety of kabsa-based dishes, but to truly experience the experience of Najd you should get the mtazeez (a stew made of meat and barmat dough with vegetables) and muqalqal (diced lamb stewed with onions, tomato as well as green pepper. The bread that is freshly baked is quite delicious, too.

Open Sat-Thu noon-12.30am, Fri 1pm-12.30am. Different locations, which include King Abdul Aziz Branch Road, Alyasmin, (9200 33511).

6-Bait Shawaya

Bait Shawaya is a local restaurant chain that serves traditional cuisine. The first branch opened in 1425 AH and today there are over 90 restaurants in the nation.

They are focused on the cleanliness and the quality of the items used.

Famous for its barbecued rice and meat, Shawaya also serves various tasty combinations of mandi and Kabsa.

For reservations: 9200 33336;


In the Makkah highway The restaurant is worth a visit. trying.

The restaurant has a warm and relaxing atmosphere to eat delicious mandi with the classic seating arrangements.

For reservations: +966555028290;

It’s a tradition in Saudi tradition to have mandi each week. Did you have the pleasure of having one in this past week?

Let us know about the restaurants you’ve tried and which mandi enticed you your most!

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8-Al Nafoura

Its Lebanese eatery Al Nafoura is among the most well-known Arabic eateries located in Saudi Arabia.

This restaurant provides authentic traditional Arab cuisine to food lovers all over in the Middle East. It was originally famous for its seafood, it is now possible to get all kinds of Mandi and Kabsa at this restaurant too.

Al Nafoura operates various branches throughout the country. There are at minimum 10 branches in Riyadh.

For reservations: 011 215 8888;

9-Al Saudi

The restaurant has been bringing Riyadhi people a taste of the Kingdom’s exquisite cuisine Since 1994 Al Saudi has had only one goal: to create the best kabsa that remains true to its traditional culinary origins. Its efforts have made it one of Riyadh’s most popular places to eat Saudi meals.

Mandi madhbi, madfoon or Zurbian, whichever one you pick what you’ll end up with is a full stomach and a childish smile from to ear. The chefs displayed that childlike innocence for anyone who’s eaten the rice side dish and was satisfied that it was served with a smile at the top. Food that is good should make you feel happy, and that’s the goal.

All hours are open from 11am to midnight. 3510 Al Shafa, Dhahrat Laban, (920 009 515).

10-Mandi House

One of the most renowned restaurants in Riyadh that serves mandi. Mandi is a classic dish comprised mainly rice and meat and a unique mix of spices prepared in an underground pit. It is very popular and widespread in Saudi and is even thought of as the most popular food in several regions. It is served hot and quickly and clean. Clean hand washing area and toilet. I highly recommend this for Mandi fans and those who are looking to sample something more traditional.

Best Mandi Restaurants in Riyadh

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