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Top 10 Biryani Restaurants in Riyadh, KSA

Best Biryani Restaurants in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Top 10 Biryani Restaurants in Riyadhading

Biryani is a world-famous Indian delicacy, that takes the time and skill to cook but is definitely worthwhile.

A hardcore biryani lover, methods and regions are no bar–and so we’ve rounded up our favourite places–from fine-dine restaurants to well-hidden small eateries–for you to get a steaming plateful of the good stuff.

The aroma of the biryani strikes all the right chords and will soothe your hungry soul if it is it is cooked properly. A blend from Mughlai as well as Indian style Biryani is a delicious blend of Indian and Mughlai cuisines. Biryani is very spicy and delicious.

Top 10 Biryani Restaurants in Riyadhading

1. Darbar Restaurant

Darbar Restaurant is located inside the Salih Al Rajhi building. The restaurant is a great spot to enjoy delicious, but affordable biryani to eat inside with a great atmosphere. The restaurant is family-friendly and has accommodating staff members that provide patrons with efficient service and warm hospitality. For Ramadan, the month that is holy to Muslims Ramadan The restaurant serves a buffet open during Iftar as well as delicious food that will satisfy your desires. Anyone who loves Indian food must try dine at The restaurant at least once. You won’t be disappointed as the restaurant offers great quality for the money.

Darbar Restaurant located in Riyadh

Address: King Fahd Branch Rd, Salih Al Rajhi Building Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Website: Darbar Restaurant

The hours of operation are: Sat – Wed: 12am to 1pm; Thurs to Fri: 12am – 1.30pm

2. Mumtaz Family Restaurant

The Mumtaz family restaurant on Samiha Street in Riyadh. The nice Indian restaurant serves delicious food priced at an affordable price inside a dining area that has stunning decor. The restaurant’s specialties include Indian Hyderabadi dishes. Mutton biryani, their delicious and delicious dish, is unique, because it’s cooked with authentic spices , and served with additional rice for lunch. Other curry-based and spicy dishes are also served in the Indian restaurant. It is a must to go to this restaurant if you are looking for delicious and affordable Indian food.

Mumtaz Family Restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Address: Samiha Street, Al Wizarat Hara Al Wizarat, Riyadh, 12626, Saudi Arabia

The hours of operation are 5am to 12pm (daily)

3. Biryani Restaurant

Biryani Restaurant is a restaurant highly recommended by numerous. It provides a fantastic and delicious biryani to satisfy your appetite for an unforgettable dinner. It also offers delicious Pakistani dishes prepared by expert chefs. Incredibly neat and tidy This brand newly opened Pakistani restaurant also offers exceptional service thanks to their welcoming staff.

Biryani Restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Address: An Nasim Ash Sharqi, Riyadh 14242, Saudi Arabia.

The hours of operation are 7am to 12pm (daily)

4. Al Shabab Restaurant

Al Shabab Restaurant is an Indian restaurant that serves great food and exceptional service. It is known as the place to go for some best biryani around town. Also, don’t forget to check out their most delicious desserts available on their menu. Their food is sure to make you want to return repeatedly. If you’re looking to relax and chat with your acquaintances or are going for a romantic dinner with your loved one You’ll surely fill your stomach with delicious food whenever you dine here.

Al Shabab Restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Address: Al Khalidiyah 620-025 Al Asmai, Riyadh 12873, Saudi Arabia.

Hours of operation: 4am – 4pm (daily)

5. Biryani House

The small eatery has the most authentic biryani available in the region. Biryani House is pleasant and clean eatery which offers the finest chicken biryani that is an in-house speciality. If you’re a lover of rice this is a great spot to visit for a meal. Hyderabadi dum biryani at breakfast or lunch.

Biryani House in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Address: 3890 New Industrial Area, Riyadh 14331, Saudi Arabia.

Hours of operation: 5:30am – 11:30pm (daily)

6. Lahori Khabay Pakistani Restaurant

Lahori Khabay Pakistani Restaurant is a family owned restaurant which offers excellent food and a great ambience. Because of the lovely ambiance its insides provide the perfect setting to dine out with your family or friends. The restaurant serves delicious Pakistani biryani the meatball curry and kebabs at a moderate cost. Staff members are friendly and the majority are fluent in English. The tasty and delicious food items, like the chicken tikka Shami the kabab Lahori Tandoori Chicken, and steam roast are all the must-have items from their food menu.

Lahori Khabay Pakistani Restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Address: Prince Abdulrahman Bin Abdulaziz, Al Murabba, Riyadh 12624, Saudi Arabia

The hours of operation are 12am to 1pm (daily)

7. Red Chilli Restaurant

Red Chili Restaurant is located on Prince Abdul Rehman Street, and is a spot where you can taste the unforgettable flavor of India. The restaurant offers a wide range of cuisines, one of which is biryani. One of the best things about this restaurant is the top-quality tasty North Indian style food that serves on their buffet table. The other menu items you must try include samosas and ras malai. Red Chili restaurant has a beautiful atmosphere, which is perfect to enjoy while you eat many of their delicious and distinctive dishes. Overall, the restaurant is sure to provide unforgettable moments with your loved ones and family. In addition, their staff will provide consistent and excellent service to their guests.

Red Chilli Restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Address: Prince Abdul Rehman Street Opp. Riyadh Palace Hotel, Riyadh 11311, Saudi Arabia,

The hours of operation are 12am to 1pm (daily)

Ashley’s Riyadh Gallery is located within a food court on King Fahd Road. This authentic Indian restaurant has a nice atmosphere and friendly staff members and exceptional service. If you’re in town, you must try their delicious foodoptions, which include tasty Biryani. The greatest thing is that everything they serve is priced reasonably. Their food is deliciously cooked and served consistently. It’s a must to visit It’s also a fantastic location for friends and family gatherings as well.

Gallery of Asha’s Riyadh Gallery in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Address: King Fahd Rd, Riyadh 12262, Saudi Arabia

Hours of operation: Sat – Thu: 12:30am-12pm; Fri 1pm to 12am

9. Khana Khazana Restaurant

Khana Khazana Restaurant offers excellent service and a warm environment that is perfect to enjoy delicious and delicious Indian food. They have a variety of delicious food items, such as appetizers fish tikka chicken and lentils. The tasty “Appolo fish” is one to try since it is mouthwatering and full of flavor. The prices are expensive compared to other Indian eateries, but the food at this place is worth the price.

Khana Khazana Restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Address: Prince Faisal Bin Turki Bin Abdulaziz St, Al Wizarat, Riyadh 11311, Saudi Arabia.

Hours of operation: 12am – 2:45pm; 5:45am-12am (daily)

10. Maharaja East by Vineeet

Maharaja East by Vineet is a restaurant with an amazing outdoor seating area with a warm and welcoming ambience. The establishment offers good service and delicious food. The most requested dishes here include chicken tikka and obviously biryani. Maharaja East’s specialties are the samosa sauce, tamarind sauce along with lemon cashew. While you’re there be sure to try butter chicken and kulfi both are recognized as being delicious and delicious.

Maharaja East by Vineeet in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Address: Tahlia Road, Prince Mohammed 5 P.O. Post 8539 Riyadh KSA. Address: 11492. KSA

The hours of operation are from 1pm to 12am (daily)
Address: Tahlia Road, Prince Mohammed 5 P.O. Box 8539, Riyadh 11492, KSA

Opening hours: 1pm – 12am (daily)

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