List of Saudi Traffic Violations from 100 SR – 150 SR

List of Traffic Fines between SR 100 - SR 150

If you are in Saudi Arabia and have drive vehicle. You must know the list of traffic fines in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We are segregating the list of Traffic violations with the range of Fine Amounts for making it easier for everyone to know the Fines associated with each Traffic Violations in KSA.

List of Traffic Fines between SR 100 - SR 150

Below List provides you list of Traffic Violations in KSA for Fines between SR 100 to SR 150

1) Leaving vehicles on public roads in unauthorized areas unnecessarily

  • Dont leave your vehicle anywhere where you are not supposed to park your vehicle on public roads or no parking area

2) Throwing any objects outside the vehicle while it is moving

  • Do not throw any objects while you’re sitting in your car outside

3) Driving a vehicle without front plate numbers

  • Must to have a number plate in front for your vehicle

4) Getting off or riding into a vehicle while it is moving

  • Do not sit or get out of moving vehicle

5) Pedestrians crossing roads from places other than those allocated for them

  • Cross roads only on pedestrians and allocated places

6) Pedestrians non-compliance with signals defined for them

  • Stop you vehicle before pedestrian crossings

7) Slowing down driving in a manner that impedes smooth flow of traffic

  • Don’t drive very fast and keep your driving slow and steady which will help smooth flow of traffic

8) Parking in places not specified for parking

  • Do not park in No Parking areas or places

9) Parking in places defined for persons with special needs if you are not from that category

  • Do not park in areas designated for special people or special vehicles

10) Not focusing on road while driving

  • Concentrate on traffic and road while driving

11) Absence of an insurance policy

  • Insurance for a vehicle is must to drive. If not renewed, renew your vehicle insurance now

Request all of you to abide by traffic rules & regulations while driving and follow traffic rules in Saudi to avoid Fines.

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