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Automatic Extension of Iqama for Expats in Saudi Arabia

Automatic Extension of Iqama for Expats in Saudi Arabia

A very Good News for Expatriates living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was announced by the Royal decree that All residence permits (Iqamas) will be extended automatically by Jawazat in KSA.

King Salman has recently approved the extension of expired Iqama (residence permit) , Visas Extension and Free Exit Re-entry visa for expatriates who have left the kingdom and wanted to come back for three months without any Iqama Fee.

This step was taken by Jawazat for those expatriates who have been unable to return to Saudi Arabia over suspension of air travel due to the new coronavirus.

Automatic Extension of Iqama for Expats in Saudi Arabia

Automatic Extension of Iqama for Expats

The government has issued several directives and announcements, including the categories exempted from fees and fines covering expatriates with valid iqamas who left the Kingdom on exit-return visas, but could not come back due to lockdown curfew in this pandemic situation and their iqamas (residence permit) or visas have expired.

Expatriates who are on Exit-reentry visas or final Exit Visa and were unable to use them due to lockdown or Expats or foreigners who have just come to Saudi for visit purpose to Saudi Arabia. To visit their relative, friend or business purpose and could not leave due to lockdown.

Expats who are outside Saudi Arabia also no need to apply for extension as the extension will be done by Jawazat automatically without a need to apply for Extending their Iqama or Visas.

Free Iqama Extension for Expats

The extension, which will be based on the request of the Ministry of Human Resources, will be applicable to only those whose work permit has been extended.

Though there is no news on international flight yet his news will be a big relied for all the expatriates who are inside and oustide the kingdom.

Free & Automatic extension of Expatriate Iqama who are inside and outside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia will definitely bring a lot of Joy and happiness among expatriates and a lot of respect towards the Saudi goverment and King Salman.

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