New Rules & Questions related to Final Exit Visa Saudi

Rules & Questions related to Final Exit Visa Saudi

No. of Expatriates working in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia are in huge numbers and they are working in various departments and companies. Before 2017 most of the Jobs in the kingdom was carried out by Expats who come from different countries and work in Saudi Arabia.

But due to the implementation of Dependent Fees starting 2017, we have many expatriates sending their families back to their home countries and also leaving the kingdom to avoid paying dependent fees using Final Exit Visa.

Rules & Questions related to Final Exit Visa Saudi

Also, Saudi 2030 Vision will be creating many new opportunities in the kingdom, but will also put some stringent laws of employment which under kingdom regulations.

Any Expat leaving Saudi must get a Final Exit Visa and Jawazat has issued a complete list of Rules & Regulations (conditions) along with FInes & penalties on Visa purposes on Final Exit Visa.

Here is the list of Conditions for Final Exit Visa:

Must Leave kingdom after Final Exit Visa

Once an expatriate gets Final Exit Visa, he must leave the kingdom (Saudi Arabia) within 60 days.

If the expat wants to leave Saudi Arabia after 60 days he will have a pay a fine or penalty of SR 1000.

This SR 1000 is taken to nullify the Visa provided earlier and to issue a new Final Ext Visa if your Iqama has validity.

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What if an Expat does not Return to Saudi using Exit / Re-Entry Visa?

Any Expat who leaves the kingdom for a holiday and wants to come back to Saudi Arabia needs to get a Exit / Re-Entry Visa. If an expat fails to report back to Saudi within the no of days of expiry of Exit / Re-Entry Visa, Expat will be banned from returning to Saudi Arabia for 3 years.

Once his 3 years are completed, he can return to the same Kafeel or Sponsor

Absher handling Un-returned Saudi Expats

If a Expatriates fails to return Saudi using Exit / Re-Entry Visa within 60 days of the validity of Visa. Then his Kafeel or Sponsor can raise a Huroob or Register a complaint against the expatriate using Absher (electronically) without visiting Saudi Jawazat office.

Can Exit / Re-Entry Visa be changed?

Once the Exit / Re-Entry Visa is issued it cannot be changed, only after paying SR 1000 as fine a new Visa will be issued

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Iqama will also work as Health Card in Saudi Now

Iqama will also work as Health Card in Saudi Now