Three months temporary Work Visa in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) now offers temporary work visas for three months.

The visa lets companies give out short work visas. According to the Qiwa site, the visa user can work for three months from the date of entry.

A similar amount of time can also be added to the visa. Foreigners who want this visa do not need to get a pass to live or work in the country.

The visa application must be sent by the company or a Qiwa agent who has been given permission to do so.

Three months temporary Work Visa in Saudi Arabia

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For the temporary work visa service, the organisation must be operating and have a legal business registration, unless it is doing something that doesn’t need a business registration.

Also, businesses with the same unified number must have a valid work pass and enough money in the Absher account linked to the business’s national unified number.

Qiwa gives out the temporary work visa right away and doesn’t ask for any papers.

The visa is on a computer and is good for one year.

Here are the steps a person must take to apply online for a temporary work visa.

  • Sign in to the account for the business on the Qiwa website.
  • Choose the service for an interim work visa from the list of e-services.
  • Then, fill out all of the fields that are needed and send in the request.
  • A request for a temporary visa can be turned down because there isn’t enough money in the enterprise’s combined number on Absher or because the Ministry of the Interior says no.

The temporary work visa balance deal can be cancelled, and the government fees can be returned.

The site said that the request to cancel must come from the business owner or a commissioner.

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