What is Nafaz نفاز ? How to register for Nafaz

Nafaz Registration in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

What is Nafaz نفاز & Nafaz Registraiton in KSA

Nafaz نفاز provides a unified solution for many government sector and service providers.

The 2030 Vision of Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has created Nafaz نفاز, a new platform. This platform is managed by The National Information Center , whose goal it to provide the most recent technology and digital solutions for various government agencies. They will be able to function more efficiently with these changes.

Nafaz Registration in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

This article will cover everything you need to know about the new Initiative.

It is a plan to unite all government services under one roof. It’s a version of Absher, but with a slightly more advanced mechanism.

What is Nafaz نفاز & Nafaz Registraiton in KSAWhat services are included in Nafaz نفاز?

Nafaz is a collectionof services that includes almost all primary government services. You can find everything you need, from Visa Expiry Check to Iqama Renewal. The same portal can be used to apply for a Family Visit visa. Although it may take you to Official Mofa’s website, the benefits of having all links at one place are immense. This platform includes a number of important service categories.

Business and Entrepreneurship
Education and Training
Family and Life Events
Hajj and Umrah
Health Services
Informational, communication, and postal services
Islamic Affairs
Jobs and Work Place
Justice and Law
Personal Documents
Resident and Visitors affairs
Safety and Environment
Tourism and Culture
Vehicle and Transportation
Zakat and Tax including VATT

These are the main services that make up this unified program. As you can see, almost all services are covered by this platform. The question now is how new users can sign up and take advantage of this platform. This is all covered. Here is how to register on this platform.

How do I register on Nafaz نفاز?

  1. For registration, please visit the following link. It will look something like the following.

    Waht is Nafazنفاز in Saudi Arabia, Registration details -

  2. Click that icon to go to the login page
  3. Simply enter your Abshar details, and then press Login.

They will need your email address and phone number to verify that you are using the site for the first time. You will be taken to your profile’s main page if you provide both of these details.

Waht is Nafazنفاز in Saudi Arabia, Registration details 1 -

Look closely now; you’ll be able see your Resident ID and expiry date in the front. It was an entirely different process to check your Iqama Expiry, or iqama expiry status red green.

Waht is Nafazنفاز in Saudi Arabia, Registration details 2 -

This platform includes many services. They all aim to make it easier for applicants and government workers to do business. New rules, which include the elimination of the sponsorship system, will see more services enrolled on this platform.

Under King Salman, Custodian Two Holy Mosques of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia is experiencing rapid change. Vision 2030, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s vision is taking Saudi Arabia to new heights. It will allow it to be a global leader.

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