Steps to Register National Address Registration

How To Register Saudi National Address 2022

Steps to Register National Address

Registering for the national address is a mandatory requirement for all individuals and institutions by The Ministers Council resolution No. 252 dated 07/24/1434 AH.​

The National Address system has been created by the Saudi Post. It is recognized worldwide. This address allows residents and citizens to access a wide range of services. These services include home delivery, e-commerce and postal services (Wasel).

National address registration of every citizen and resident is also a step to provide better services.

The Saudi Postal Corporation provided the Saudi National Address locator . This locator is based on the current world address locating, coding and coding procedures. On the Saudi Locator’s Guide, users can mark their public location. You can also identify your Saudi postcode. The site also offers a range of options that the recipient can make through it, such as indicating business highlights and large areas on the map.

Online Registration service was provided in the national address as a service provided by the Saudi Postal Corporation.

Any Individual, Business or a Government Agency can register themselves using the Official website of National Address Registration

Steps to Register National Address

National Address Registration Through Offical Website:

Here are the Steps to Register your National Address:

1) Open the official website of National Address and click on the button “Register Your Address Today

2) Then Select ‘Registration for Individuals for Citizens & Residents’ from the below options

Individual National Registration Saudi

Then Click on ‘New Registration’

New National Address

After clicking on New Registration, you’ll be taken to a form, where in you’ll have to fill the below details:

Address Information

Building No:

Personal Information

National ID (Iqama Number):
National ID Type: Saudi OR Non-Saudi
Date of birth:
Mobile No.:

Residency Information

Type of residency: Flat OR Villa
Residency ownership: Rent OR Owned
Are you the actual renter? Yes OR No
Apartment No.:

Click ‘Next‘ to complete the registration and you will be able to find your National Address anytime with your Iqama ID or Phone number.

National Address Registration Through Mobile Application:

  • Download the “LOCATOR – NATIONAL ADDRESS LOCATOR” application
  • Install the Application and Select your preferred languages ‘Arabic’ Or ‘English’

After you have opened your application, it will ask few questions about application access.

These might include “Whether this application has access to your location?” and “Whether this application has access to your gallery and camera.” Both of the above services will allow you to add IQAMA credentials as well as your current location. You should allow both services to use the application.

Once the App aotumatically locates your address, you can drag the cursor to point out your residential location.

After locating your residential location, you have to click on the building or resident where you live

Enter the Adress details:

Address Information

Building No:
Postal Code:

Once you’ve entered all the details, click on the “REGISTER YOUR NATIONAL ADDRESS” button

After entering all the details, you will need to authenticate the information below:

  • Individual / Business / Government Agency
  • Address Verification with Iqama details or any National ID

The verification will be sent to you on your registered mobile and submit the verification code and click on the “REGISTER” button

Once completed, a message will appear in Arabci which can be translated to English “Your national address is activated successfully, and your registration will be activated in a period of 24 hours“.

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