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KSA MOI Services – KSA Visa, Iqama Enquiry on MOI

KSA MOI Services, KSA Visa, Iqama Enquiry on

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has an official website for Ministry of Interior ( Ministry of Interior in KSA is responsible for National Security, Immigraiton & Customs which includes VISA, Iqama & Passport related services.

All Expats living in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) must know the importance of Ministry of Interior (MOI) as this website will be used for all Jawazat related services such as Passport Information, Passport Renewal, Issuance of Passport of an individual or expat family passports.

KSA MOI Services, KSA Visa, Iqama Enquiry on

KSA MOI services Online

It is also useful for all Visa related services, Iqama related services such as Iqama Issuance, Iqama Renewal and expiry check.

It is also useful for checking Public query Hajj Eligibility, Public query Fingerprint Enrollment, Public query Exit Re-Entry Visa, etc.

It is also useful for checking License, Traffic Violations and Vehicles Services in KSA on official Ministry of Interior  (MOI) website ( such as Driving License information, Driving License Renewal, Vehicle Registration, Istamara, Traffic Violations Check & Vehicle Insurance Check etc.

KSA MOI website is also helpful for expats for Civil Affairs such as Personal Information, Address Information, Bayanati Service, Taqdeer service, Public Health Insurance, Tahsen Services, etc

Absher has made all MOI services in KSA online through android app on internet. As of 160 MOI services are listed on Absher to help KSA (Saudi) Expats for ease of all the above mentioned services.

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