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Helpline Number for Expatriates Living in Saudi Arabia

Helpline Number for Expatriates Living in Saudi

Expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is having a tough time these days. With the implementation of Dependent Fees on Iqama most of the Expatriate families have left the kingdom and Amnesty period helped many illegal expatrites to go to their home country without paying a heavy fine or punishment.

All these things in Saudi are happening keeping in mind Vision 2030 which gives opportunities for Saudi Nationals and minimizes dependcies on foreign workers.

Helpline Number for Expatriates Living in Saudi

Saudi Arabian Government atleast have felt the pain of what Expatriates are going on now-a-days and has introduced a Helpline for Expatriates.

This Helpline will be helpful for all the expatriates who are living in Saudi Arabia and having trouble with issues like Sponsor harassment, Employer Issues, Fellow worker(Saudi National) Issues, Vacation, Salary withhelding Issues, etc.

With the help of this Helpline for Expatriates all these issues can be addressed by dialing this magical number. Once you call this number, the concerned Officials will directly deal with your sponsors or employers and even take them to labor court.

Here is the Number which every Expatriate living in Saudi Arabia must note down and know if any one faces such issues.

Helpline Number for Expatriates: 19911
Timings: 8 A.M – 8 P.M
Working Days: Saturday to Thursday

Service is currently available to Urdu, Hindi, Indonesian, English, Arabic, Tagalog and Malayalam speakers only.

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