Tallest Fountain in the World: King Fahd Fountain

Tallest Fountain in the World King Fahd

King Fahd Foutain construction started from 1980s and was launched in the year 1985. It was donated to Jeddah City by King Fahd after his name. King Fahad Foutain is is not only Saudi’s Tallest fountain but also worlds tallest fountain.

The fountain gets illuminated in night and reaches up to 1024 ft and is visible throughout the vicinity of Jeddah.

500 spotlights are used to illuminate the fountain which makes it a main attraction in Jeddah. It is located in South corniche with plenty of parking.

Tallest Fountain in the World King Fahd

Tallest Fountain in the World: King Fahd Fountain

People usually come here with their family & kids to spend some good time here.

A view of Red Sea with Majestic water fall from the King Fahd fountain makes it fantastically wide spread due to Sea breeze.

This looks great at night and is really a grat place to relax or have an evening walk during the sunset.

The fountain itself is just a fountain with lights, far away from the corniche which is very popular (and probably the best) viewing point.
The falling mist looks good when the sun goes down behind the fountain and sky is still a bit reddish until the dark comes.

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