US extends Visit Visas for Saudis

Saudi Citizens gets 10 years duration Visit Visa

The United States (US) mission to Saudi Arabia announced on Saturday an increase in duration of visitors (B1/B2) visas (Visit Visa) to Saudi citizens between five and 10 years starting August. 1, 2022.
In close collaboration and with Saudi government An agreement has been made to prolong the validity of tourist visas on a reciprocal basis in order to enhance business and tourism between our countries.

US extends Visit Visas for Saudis

The facilitation of legitimate travel is a significant contribution to both our economies, and builds and strengthens the bonds between our businesses and people and improves trust among US as well as Saudi citizens.

The increase in validity of visas builds on previous efforts to ease business and tourism travel. This is in addition to the Interview Waiver Program that was announced earlier in the year.

In the Interview Waiver Program, Saudi citizens who are over 50 years old age, who renew visitors’ visas that are expiring for less than 48 month, can be eligible to waive in-person interviews.

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