Tawakkalna – Must Have App for Every Expat in Saudi

Tawakkalna (Covid-19 KSA) Application

Tawakkalna - Must Have App in Saudi Arabia

Tawakkalna (Covid-19 KSA) is the official app in Saudi Arabia which has been approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and was developed by the National Information Center (NIC) in KSA.

It has been made mandatory for all Expatriates & Citizens in Saudi Arabia who are working in government and private sectors in the Eastern Province to download and activate Tawakkalna app to prove their health status before entering their offices effective from Sunday.

Tawakkalna – Must Have App for Every Expat & Citizen

Tawakkalna - Must Have App for Every Expat in

It is also mandatory for people visiting Malls and Public places to have this app installed.

This application provides instant and live information about the number of coronavirus infections in the Kingdom, and helps in the early detection of possible infections once users show coronavirus symptoms. It allows citizens and residents to request movement permits in cases of necessity during curfew; follow-up on their permit request status during curfew; and notify them when they are close to infectious or isolated areas. Through the app., they can also report COVID-19 suspected cases to help individuals receive the health care they, or others, need.

For Users having Absher account:

1) Download the App
2) Register a new user and enter the required information
3) You would receive a verification code on your mobile number registered in Abshe
4) Locate your exact location on the map and answer health questions
5) Identify the sponsorees and dependents in the same place of your residence (Family – Domestic workers)

For Users not having Absher account:

If you don’t have Absher account, your registration in the Tawakkalna application requires Recommend to you through one of the registered in Absher Through the mobile identification service for the Tawakkalna application, which is included in the platform’s services, Where it can be accessed via the following method

1) Log in Absher
2) Click on individuals
3) Go to my services then services then general services
4) Click on Register A Mobile Number for Tawakkalna
5) Fill in the three main fields (ID/Iqama number, date of birth and mobile number)
6) The person who does not have an Absher account will get a verification code , after which the identifier will be able to complete the identification process.
7) After completing the identification process, you will receive a message on your phone stating that you can register in the Tawakkalna application.

Visitors Registration:

1) Fill in your personal information Passport number, Phone Number, Date of Birth and your Nationality.
2) You will receive a verification code via SMS.
3) Enter the verification code.
4) Create a password of 8 or more characters.

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