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If a person gets infected corona positive after first dose the 2nd dose will be delayed

Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia stated on Friday to delay 2nd dose if a person gets infected after 1st.

2nd dose delay if gets corona after 1st

If a person is gets infected with the Corona after taking the first dose of the  anti-corona virus vaccination. If  the laboratory test proves positive there by proving the infection.
This will result in rescheduling of the appointment for the second dose.

The person  who got infection after taking the first dose will be receiving the second dose after a period of six months post recovery from the Corona virus infection.

It is stated  by the Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia on Friday.

If a person received two doses or one dose of anti-corona vaccine he can start living normally if the person do not develops any symptoms after 14days of vaccination/s.

If the vaccinated person shows any symptoms then he must isolate should undergo laboratory tests and follow the instructions as stated by the doctors and MOI.


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