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Covid Vaccination Rumors Cleared by Saudi Health Official

Tweet from Saudi Health official about side effects of Covid-19 jabs.

Covid Vccination no side effects

Covid-19 vaccination: There are numerous rumors in  circulation on social media groups, friends &  family discussions, office gossips & in the market regarding the negative effects of Covid-19 vaccination.

Among them the most discussed by self styled street medicos is that Covid-19 vaccination causes impotency in men and other health issues in women.

Today Dr.Abdullah Assiri Assistant Deputy Minister for Preventive health KSA has debunked  the false claims that the vaccination may have long lasting ill effects. He said in a tweet

“The myth is that we do not  know about the long term effects of vaccines. The truth is vaccines are nearly a century old and there is no such thing as long term effects of any vaccine”

After stimulating the immune system the vaccine disappears from the body and nothing is left of the vaccine in the body” He Said.

Dr.Abdullah Assiri’s tweet  on thursday has done a great service to the society in clearing doubts  about the myths doing rounds in the society pertaining to the Covid-19 vaccination ill effects.

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