Speed Limit to be increased from 120 KMPH to 140 KMPH

Speed Limit increased from 120 KMPH to 140

Saudi Arabian New Speed Limit on certain highways increased from 120 KMPH to 140 KMPH.

Saudi Government have started installation of ne warning signs and traffic guides on the roads for general awareness and also to avoid accidents.

Speed Limit increased from 120 KMPH to 140

Along with that they are making sure that the drivers are aware of the new speed limits and has started installing the speed limits guides.

Due to this the Ministry of Transport is expecting to cut down the number of deaths which happened due to road accidents (i.e. From January to October 2017 a total of 1864 deaths) by around 25% by the year 2020.

The New Signs which are getting installed will help the drivers to new Speed limits which is 140 KMPH for small vehicles.

The new signs will raise awareness of speed limits for vehicles including sedans, buses and trucks on certain roads after making sure they are suitable for such regulat

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