‘Born a King’, First Movie in Saudi Arabia

‘Born a King', First Movie in Saudi

Born a King is going to be the First Film from Saudi Arabia. Though the Ban was lifted on cinema in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Theaters will b open for public from March 2018.

A film about the life of Saudi King Faisal will be the first movie shown in Saudi theaters when they are set to open for the public in March.

King Salman ordered the lifting of a 35-year cinema ban in the country earlier this month.

‘Born a King', First Movie in Saudi

“Born a King” tells the true story of when King Faisal was sent to England at the age of 14 to negotiate with prominent British leaders, including Lord Curzon and Winston Churchill.

The film depicts Saudi Arabia’s domestic and foreign challenges at the time.

It is currently being filmed in the UK and is expected to be completed in February. It is expected to be screened in Riyadh before its international release.

A trailer of the film can be seen here. The movie was written by Henry Fitzherbert and directed by Agustí Villaronga.

‘Born A King’ Film Trailer Link

The cast includes Hermione Corfield, Ed Skrein, Laurence Fox, James Fleet, Kenneth Cranham, Aidan McArdle and Dilyana Bouklieva.

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