Health Benefits of Ajwa Dates in Hadith, Islam & Science

Health Benefits of Ajwa Dates in Hadith, Islam & Science

Historically grown and consumed in the Arabic and North Africa areas for more than 8,000 years, dates are known for their delectable taste and since also been exported to the surrounding countries of the world such as India, South & North America, Pakistan and Italy to name a few. Dates are grown on palm trees which can grow to about 12” of height in a year to approximately 100 feet overall height which is huge. For the kind of demand dates have in the market, they are manually pollinated by passing pollen from male trees to female trees to produce the fruits which give us the dates.

Health Benefits of Ajwa Dates in Hadith, Islam & Science

Ajwa Dates Benefits

Ajwa Dates are not only delicious but also naturally nutritious which are very heavy on vitamins, fibers and minerals all packed up in these small and very sort – rich in all nutrients making them the most sort after fruit/dry fruit around the world. They are found in very dark brown to almost black color,  known to be soft, with fine texture which are rich, fruity and luscious in taste. Originally cultivated in Madina, Saudi Arabia they are the most famous variety of dates for all the right reasons. While there are a ton of benefits of Ajwa Dates which we will discuss below, they are simply luscious in taste and melt in the mouth. You have to have one to know that feeling and taste, and you can’t stop at one.

Benefits of Ajwa Khajoor

There is no surprise that Ajwa Dates contain heavy duty nutritional substances, vitamins and minerals, which have great health related benefits covering overall well being of people who consume them. Some of the (scientifically) proven benefits of Ajwa Date are mentioned below:

  1. Reduces Blood Pressure and Anti-Inflation –  Ajwa Date contains Magnesium which has shown to help lower blood pressure. Magnesium also has a high quality of working on anti-inflammations which function on a human body similar to ibuprofen or aspirin

  2. Reduces Constipation and Improves Digestion and Heart – As it is known to be full of fibre which is a natural ingredient to help the gastrointestinal system by cleaning it up and allowing you colon to function more efficiently. This content in Ajwa date also helps reduce initiation of bowel inflammation (colitis), haemorrhoids and also, colon cancer. Fibre is also known for its positive effects on improving a heart’s health

  3. Benefitting Pregnant Women – Some studies have also shown that eating Ajwa Dates during the last trimester or closer to due date helps with natural labour with natural delivery instead of inducing labour pains through medication or going through caesarean

  4. Boosts Brain’s Performance – Ajwa Dates also have good amount of vitamin B6 which helps improve  the Brains in general to perform better in terms of the memory, grasping power etc.,

  5. Improves Nervous System – Vitamins and Potassium are 2 other prime ingredients found in an Ajwa Date which are great boosters for the nervous system, improvises speed, responsiveness and alertness of the brain

  6. Helps Bones and Anaemia – It is also considered a superfood due to the affect its minerals provided to a person by strengthening their bones to fighting osteoporosis and other painful bone diseases. While they have high mineral content which shows in the dark color of the Ajwa dates, they also have good levels of iron present in them making it perfect supplement for Anaemic people.

  7. Reduces Risk of a Stroke – Researchers when they analysed the benefits of Ajwa Date confirmed that it reduces the risk of a stroke due to the magnesium content it has

  8. Boosts Energy – They are also super high on natural sugars such as fructose, sucrose and essentially a lot of glucose. Ajwa dates make for a perfect snack when you are slightly hungry helping boost your energies fast and also be a healthy option at that. 

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