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Extension of Exit Re-Entry Visa for Expats Outside Saudi Arabia

Exit Re-Entry of Visa Extension Online

Extension of Exit Re-Entry Visa for Expats Outside Saudi Arabia

The General Directorate of Passport (Jawazat) have announced a procedure to extend the Re-Entry of Visa for the Expatriates who were working for the kingdom and now are outside Saudi Arabia.

This service is a temporary service which is taken by Saudi government to help expatriates who are outside the kingdom, and those who are stuck in kingdom and are waiting for the lock-down to get over and wanted to comeback after COVID-19 impact is over.

This means extension of Exit & Re-entry Visas for expatriates and their families outside Saudi Arabia.

Extension of Exit Re-Entry Visa for Expats Outside Saudi Arabia

Jawazat has come up with a procedure for extension which must be done electronically by the employer for any expatriates employed and For Expat dependents it must be done by the head of the family.

The Extension of Exit Re-Entry Visa must be done electronically using the Official portal of Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Electronic visa Portal.

Below is the link for your reference:

How to Extend Exit Re-Entry Visa for Expat Outside Saudi Arabia?

Here is the procedure to Extend the Exit Re-Entry Visa for Expats & Dependents currently out of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Step 1: Employer or the head of the Family must specify the period of Visa extension needed

Step 2: They should fill up a electronic form which they will be getting from the Official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Electronic Visa services

Step 3: Must provide Valid Iqama details

Step 4: All information must be correctly validated after filling the form and their names must be matching their Iqama and passports

Once all these details are submitted, the verification is carried out through a Unified Access Portal which will help speed-up the verification process electronically without a need to submit any paper documentation to the MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Earlier, Jawazat also said that they will Exempt Dependent Fees for Expats till June 30, as a part of gratitude towards combating COVID-19.

The above procedure will be applicable for extending Iqama, Exit Re-Entry Visa or Final Exit Visa too

All the extensions of Visa will be done electronically through Absher and Muqeem portal of Ministry of interior Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Nationals can apply for the extension for Saudi wives through Saudi Embassy.

We urge all the Expatriates who are stuck in their Hometown and were unable to Extend their Visa or Iqama to make use of this procedure and utilize it to the fullest.

So, our Expat brothers & Sisters who are worried about their Expired Visa & Iqama can make use of this procedure

Also, my advice for everyone reading this article is to Stay Home & Stay Safe during this pandemic situation.

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