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Coronavirus World Mapping Cases by

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been tagged as pandemic by WHO. First case of COVID-19 was reported in Wuhan, China.

Started from there it has spread now to many countries and have become pandemic.

There is no confirmation of the Vaccine yet for Coronavirus, but many companies are still researching and working towards making one to stop the spread of this pandemic virus.

Coronavirus World Mapping Cases by
Source: bloomberg

Current State as of today the world have cross 1 Million (1,015,877) confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) till 3rd April

Total Deaths across the world: 53,218

People Recovered: 212,993

Source: Worldmeter info

Top Countries of Total Confirmed cases & Death are mentioned below:

Top Countries of COVID-19 Coronavirus Acroos the

Top 10 Countries for COVD-19 with high mortality rate are given below:

World 1,015,877 53,218 5.2%
Italy 115,242 13,915 12.1%
Indonesia 1,790 170 9.5%
Spain 112,065 10,348 9.2%
France 59,105 5,387 9.1%
Netherlands 14,697 1,339 9.1%
UK 33,718 2,921 8.7%
Belgium 15,348 1,011 6.6%
Iran 50,468 3,160 6.3%
Sweden 5,568 308 5.5%
Dominican Republic 1,380 60 4.3%
**Mortality Rate is Calculated by cumulative current total deaths / current confirmed cases.

All the above stats says that there is more no of deaths happening in Italy, Indonesia, Spain, France and the rest follows.

I urge all of people in Saudi Arabia and other countries as well to Stay at Home, Stay Safe. Maintain Social distance. All your Kings & Prime Ministers have given you guidelines. So please follow those to keep your family and your country safe from this Global Pandemic situation.

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Praying for Everyone to be Safe.

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