Exit & Re-entry Visas cancelation Fee is not Refundable

As confirmed by Jawazat people who cancel their exit and re-entry Visas, the Fee they have paid will not be reimbursed.

Jawazat stated that it is also not possible to modify the visas for exit or re-entry for the beneficiary. It is only possible to cancel by the employer’s Absher platform.

The fees for exit and re-entry visas cannot be reimbursed even in case of their cancellation, regardless of whether you have issued the same visa. Jawazat has confirmed.

Exit & Re-entry Visas cancelation Fee is not Refundable

It is interesting to note that Jawazat earlier had declared that workers’ final-exit visas are not able to be cancelled in their period of probation.

The Jawazat has reiterated that it’s not permitted to convert visitor visas into residence permissions (iqama).

Residents are able to travel outside of the Kingdom with an approved visa as well as an acceptable travel document in addition to the necessity of complying with the entry requirements of the country they are traveling to.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has allowed residents to travel into the kingdom regardless of immunization status.

It is mandatory to carry insurance in order to enter the Kingdom on any type of visas for visiting to cover the cost of treatment in the event that someone is infected by coronavirus. This includes the need for a visa to visit Umrah and tourism, throughout the visit to Saudi Arabia, when the visa is extended or after exit, and multiple-entry.

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