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Procedure if an Expatriate Death happens in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Procedure if an Expatriate Death happens in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Expatriates from several countries work and Live in Saudi Arabia and also follow different religions (which are mostly categorized as Muslims & Non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia)

Procedure if an Expatriate Death happens in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Whether the Expatriate is Muslim or non Muslim, the relatives of the died expatriate must follow these procedures:

1- In case of death in home or in traffic accident:

  • The first step is to call 999 for the local police and 997 for ambulance.
  • Police will process the report and ambulance will do it’s own responsibilities to repatriated the body to hospital morgue.

2- In case of death in hospital:

You should inform the sponsor of the expatriate as he is the only one who can execute all the processes.

Hospital with handover all the belongings of dead body to his sponsor including 4 envelops addressing:

  • One envelope for the morgue in the hospital
  • One envelope for the airport cargo office
  • One envelope for passport office for final exit
  • Last envelope for Saudi customs office

Sponsor should follow the following steps:

  • Sponsor should go to the MOH (Ministry of Health) and submit the reports of hospital and police to get the death report
  • Sponsor should handover this death report with passport and Iqama copies to MOI to get legal death certificate
  • Sponsor should contact the native country Embassy of the deceased person to get approval either to bury in Saudi or transfer body to home
  • Sponsor can bury the body in Saudi Arabia once he got NOC from Embassy

3. In case of Repatriation of Body from Saudi Arabia

If the expat dead body needs to be repatriated to the native country, then the Sponsor must go to Jawazat and surrender (submit) the Iqama for the prcoessing of Final Exit VISA of the dead Expat

Required Documents to transport the dead body to the respective country
– Copy of the deceased Passport and Entry VISA
– Copy of the deceased Iqama (Residence Permit)
– Copy of the death Certificate or Death report (in English)
– Address of the Expats Home (in Arabic)
– Approval from the deceased’s embassy in KSA (Saudi Arabia)
– Medical Report from the Hospital (in English)
– Copy of Power of Attorney from the Legal heir with Arabic translation (signed & attested by notary public)
– Police Report copy (only for unnatural deaths)
– Sponsor Letter regarding dues of the deceased

In order to repatriate the dead body, the legal heirs needed to present an affidavit to the office of Home country of the dead Expat that they will collect his dead body immediately without any delay.

Also, coordinate with Travel Agency for making travel arrangements.

All documents in Arabic must be accompanied by an English translation Certified by Embassy

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