Working Hours & Overtime Policy in Saudi Arabia

Working Hours & Overtime Policy in Saudi

Article 98 under Saudi labor Law clearly explains the working hours information for employees working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Here are the latest updates on Working Hours & Overtime Hours as per Saudi Labor Law, which comes under the General rights & Duties of workers working in Saudi.

Working Hours & Overtime Policy in Saudi

Actual Working Hours:

  • Any worker or empployee must not work more than 8 hours a day and more than 48 hours per week
  • During Ramadan (Ramzan) working hours should be reduced to 6 hours per day and 36 hours per week. As Muslims all around the country fast in the month of Ramadan (Ramzan) and need time for prayer and resting.
  • A Balance between Working hours & Breaks must be managed correctly. So, that any employee is not continuously working for more than 5 hours without any rest or break.
  • Break Time, Prayer Time or Rest time must not exceed more than 30 mins.
  • Only where break or rest time is considered in the actual work time, employee can work without rest. So that his rest or break time is not deducted form his work timings.
  • Employer shall give time for employees to perform prayers/ Salah
  • Working hours for Security Gaurs & janitors as 12 hours a day must be reduced to 10 hours per day during Ramadan (Ramzan)

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Overtime Hours:

  • Any Employee working more than his actual work timings (Ovetime) must be paid by the employer.
  • The employer shall pay the employee for overtime working hours an additional amount equal to the hourly wage plus 50% of his basic wage.
  • For Organizations considering Weekly working hours, any overtime more than the actual working week hours must be considered as Overtime.
  • All Holidays & Festival working days shall be considered as Overtime.

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