Leave Policy for Employees working in Saudi Arabia

Leave Policy for Employees working in Saudi

People working in Saudi Arabia are entitled for below Leaves as per Saudi Labor Law. Every employees must know the Leave Policy details to avail when needed.

Leave Policy for Employees working in Saudi

Holidays and Official Leaves:

– 4 days of leave for Eid-Ul-Fitr starting 29th of Ramadan (Ramzan) acorrding to Umm Al-Qura calendar.
– 4 days of leave for Eid al-Adha starting the day of Arafat
– Leave on National day of the Kingdom according to Umm Al-Qura calendar, If this falls on any weekend, then
employee compensates by the preceded day or the next.
Personal Leaves:

– Every Employee is eligible for Paid leaves such as mention below and will no provide supporting documents:

– Five days in the case of a death of a spouse;
– Five days upon getting married;
– Three days when receiving a child.

Maternity leaves:

Females who are pregnant and wanna take leave for Pregnancy can avail 10 weeks of Pregnancy leave:
Leave for Exams:

– Upon approval of your Employer can take paid leaves for examniation for attending a Unviersity Exam on exam days.
– If the Employee has joined the institute without the approval of the Employer, then the elaves will be deducted
from his annual leaves or will be considered a unpaid leaves.

– Employee needs to apply 15 days prior for such elaves
– Employee needs to provide supporting documents, as per Employers request.
Sick Leave:

Employee can take Sick leave in Saudi Arabia if his sickness is proven and can take a leave for first 30 days and
75% of the wage for next 60 days and no pay for the next 30 days in a year.

Full Pay – first 30 days of sick leave
75% of Pay – Next 60 days (in addition of the above leaves)
No Pay – for next 30 days (in addition of the above leaves)

So, a total of 4 months of sick leaves can be availed in a year.

– Employer cannot terminate employee due to sickness untill all his sick leaves gets exhausted + annual leaves too.

– Empployee has to submit a doctor certificate in case of all the above.

Death of a Family member:

In case of daeath of a family member with blood relation employeess are entitles for 5 days paid leave.
For Female employees its 4 months and 10 days (Iddah Days) on deaht of her husband.

Hajj Leave:

Employee is allowed for 10 days of paid leave for Hajj only once in 5 years with the same employer. He can avail
this only after 2 years of service in a company.
Marraige Leave:

5 days of Paid leave for marraige

Domentic Workers: Domestic Workers such as Household workers & Drivers whose Visas are sponsored by individual
Saudis are entitles for 1 month paid leave in 2 years and 1 day week off every week.

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