Traffic Violation: Throwing Objects Outside the Vehicle

Muroor Alerts all the people in Saudi Arabia to not to throw objects outside the vehicle, which will be considered as a traffic violation in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Traffic Violation: Throwing Objects Outside the Vehicle

This will help allow to keep the environment green and clean and the waste objects must be thrown in dust-bin and not on roads.

If any Object is thrown outside a vehilce, while its moving will be considered a violation and the violator will face a fine between 100 SAR to 150 SAR.

‘Vehicle’ includes all modes of transport such as bicycles, animal drawn carriages and even a person riding an animal.

The types of objects covered by the legislation are numerous and include:

  • rocks
  • bricks
  • lumps of concrete or clay
  • heavy pieces of metal or metal objects
  • pieces of wood
  • glass bottles
  • filled cans or plastic containers
  • Waste Paper
  • paper Cups & plates

Studies done by health organizations have confirmed that spitting on the street and littering (throwing industrial and food leftovers) are pollutants of the environment.

The studies indicate that 70 percent of airborne diseases like bronchitis and tuberculosis have been transmitted due to spitting in public places.

Tuberculosis bacteria can survive for months especially in places that are not exposed to sunlight, according to the studies. These bacteria multiply rapidly in the air and dust.

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