Traffic Related Services in

Traffic Related Services in

Traffic Related Services in

Dispute Traffic Violations:

This eService allows disputing traffic violations registered by (General Department of Traffic) or any other authority authorized to apply the traffic system and its executive regulations.

• Traffic violation should not exceed 30 days from issuing date.
• You cannot dispute a traffic violation that has been previously disputed through Absher and the competent committee has issued a decision.
• If there is an active dispute under processed for the same person, new dispute cannot be applied.
• The disputer has the right to submit any number of disputes electronically unless the number of rejected disputes is five for each Hijri year.

How to Access: My Services > Services > Traffic > Dispute Traffic Violations

Driving License Renewal

To enable users to renew their driving license online.

• This service includes only renewing private driving and motorcycle driving licenses.
• Renewing motorcycle licenses for ten years.
• Payment of renewal fees.
• Payment of traffic violations.
• Validity of driving license must be less than 180 days.
• Medical examination through certified medical centers.

Service Cost
40 SR per year for private driving license
200 SR for motorcycle driving license (10 years)

How to Access: My Services > Services > Traffic > Driving License Renewal

Issue an Authorization

This service enables you to add an authorized driver for the vehicle, were the authorized person shall have the following rights:
Authorized person can drive the vehicle in or outside the kingdom according the authorization type.
Traffic violations are registered directly against the authorized person.

• Only one authorized person can be added to only one vehicle
• Adding an authorization cannot be completed if the vehicle’s registration is expired, there is a report on against it, or it does not have a valid insurance.
• No authorized person can be added if he or she does not hold a valid private driving license.
• No authorized person can be added if he or she is a resident with a final-exit visa.
• No authorized person can be added if he or she is a resident outside the kingdom unless he or she holds an exit/re-entry visa, so that the period of authorization does not exceed the visa duration.
• No authorized person will be added if he or she is a resident who is outside the kingdom unless the owner or the resident’s traffic record is free of violations.
• No authorized person can be added to the vehicle if the traffic records of the owner or the person to be authorized include traffic violations.
• Both the authorizer and authorized persons must have registered and activated accounts in Absher platform.

How to Access: E-Services – vehicles services – Vehicle management – Issue authorization

Vehicle Repair Permit Issuance

This service enables individuals to request a vehicle repair permit electronically without the need to visit traffic department.

Terms and conditions for registered accidents:

It should be within 90 days from accident date.
The beneficiary could issues more than one vehicle repair permit for different accidents.
Terms and conditions for unregistered accidents:

The beneficiary is able to apply for one request only for the same vehicle within one Gregorian year.
The beneficiary should communicate with the Traffic Department in case of a need for applying for another vehicle repair permit within in the same Gregorian year.
The vehicle to be issued a repair permit, should not have any generalizations (thievery – required for transferring the ownership)

General terms and conditions:

The vehicle repair permit is processed by the garage operator.
You are to cancel the vehicle repair permit in case of disagreement with the garage.
Status of the request will be automatically transferred to “Expired” in case of passing 7 days without issuing the vehicle repair permit.

How to Access: Vehicles Services – Services – Vehicles Management – Issue Vehicle Repair Permit

Vehicles Registration Renewal

To enable users to renew their vehicles registration online.

• Valid insurance policy for the vehicle.
• Valid Vehicle’s Periodic Inspection.
• Payment of renewal fees and delay fine, if any.
• Payment of traffic violations.
• Validity of vehicles registration must be less than 180 days.

Service Cost
100 SR per year

How to Access: Vehicle Services > Services > Vehicles Registration Renewal

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