Top Reasons for Expats leaving Saudi Arabia

Top Reasons for Expatriates leaving Saudi

Expatriates Living in Saudi are very much unhappy these days to implementations of many lwas and taxes levied on them. Here is a list of Reasons for Expatriates leaving Saudi Arabia:

  •  Dependent Fees
  •  Amnesty Period
  •  Saudization
  •  Diversity
  •  Saudi Vision 2030
  •  Increase in Oil prices
  •  Tax in Place
  •  Banning Expatriates from few Job categories

Top Reasons for Expatriates leaving Saudi

Dependent Fees:

Dependent Fees was levied on all the Expatriates living in the kingdom from July 2017

Here are the Details:

2017 – SR 100 per Dependent
2018 – SR 200 per Dependent
2019 – SR 300 per Dependent
2020 – SR 400 per Dependent

Amnesty Period:

Amnesty Period was carried out in the Entire kingdom to to give a chance to illegal Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia to move out of the kingdom easily. Amnesty period was there for 3 monhs and later it was also extended to few months.


Its means a heavy word for Expatriates, Saudization means giving Jobs only to Saudi and cutting down Expat Job opporutnities.


Women those who were restricted of doing Jobs earlier in Saudi. Now are applyong for Jobs due to which priorization of employment is towards giving Jobs to women rather than Expats

Saudi Vision 2030:

Crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) vision is to make Saudi independet of Oil Revenue and diversify its revenuw in Tourism and other opportunities

Increase in Oil prices:

Oil & Gas prices increased in Saudi Arabia. Price of Octane 91 fuel from 0.75 riyals per litre to SR1.37 per litre (82% increase) and 95 Octane from 0.90 riyals per litre to SR2.04 per litre (up 126%). Diesel for transport remains unchanged.

Value Added Tax (VAT) in Saudi Arabia:

Value Added Tax was introduced in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia which led to increased prices on majority of Goods and services

Banning Expatriates from few Job categories:

Medical equipment and devices
Electrical and electronic appliances
Auto parts
Building materials
Home and office furniture
Children’s clothing and men’s accessories
Cars and motorcycles
Home kitchenware

Please comment if there are any other things whch are worrying Expatriates. I will add them to this list.

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Age to Retire per Saudi Labor

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1000s of Expatriates leaving Saudi every

1000s of Expatriates leaving Saudi every day