1000s of Expatriates leaving Saudi every day

1000s of Expatriates leaving Saudi every

Since the inception of Dependent Fees in Saudi Arabia no of expatriates who left the kingdom are in huge numbers. More than 300,000 Expat left the kingdom since 2017, which means that on an average 1000+ expats are leaving Saudi every day.

Saudi Vision 2030 is good for Saudi Nationals, wherein going forwards most of the expats will leave Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which will give employment to Saudi Nationals and most of the will be women.

1000s of Expatriates leaving Saudi every

Almost 500,000 Saudi women entered the labor market from Sept 2017 due to which new job openings for Expatriates have decreased compared to previous year.

Know Top Reason for Expats leaving Saudi Arabia

Most of the Expatriates who were staying illegally in the kingdom was thrown out or sent to their Home countries through Amnesty period and the rest of the Expat were removed from their Jobs due to Saudization, Few of the Expatriates left Saudi due to Dependent Fees (unable to pay huge dependent fees), Few left due to scracity of Jobs for Expats due to Focus Jobs for Saudi nationals and Diversity & Women empowerment

The report said the employment of Saudis has gone up by 28,900 new jobs consisting of 60 percent men and 40 percent women.

The report, covering the conditions of the labor market during the second quarter of the year, expected a re-structural change in the employment of non-Saudis in view of dependent fees imposed on them since July 1. It said the rate of unemployment among Saudi youths decreased by about 15.9 percent taking a positive turn.

The report said as many as 92,3000 young Saudi men and women entered the labor market during the first six months of the year compared to 52,000 during the same period last year.

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Top Reasons for Expatriates leaving Saudi

Top Reasons for Expats leaving Saudi Arabia

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