Age to Retire per Saudi Labor Law

Age to Retire per Saudi Labor

Most of the people working in Saudi Arabia doesn’t know the age of retirement. Knowing the retirement age is very important as the contact of the employment will expire, once the employee reaches the retirement age. and as per the Saudi Labor Law Article 74 below are the details:

Age to Retire per Saudi Labor

For Government Employees – Retirement Age is 62 Years (62 years are calculated basis on the Hijri Calender)

For Others:

– Retirement age for men employees is 60 years and 55 years for women employees in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

– The employment contract can continue even after the retirement age, If both the parties Employer and Employee agree to work. 

– The retirement age can be reduced in case of early retirement, based on the rules and regulation of the working organization.

– In case of the work contract extends beyond the retirement age, Then the employee can continue the work till the contract expired.

– However Shoura Council proposed to increase the retirement age to 62, It may applicable only for government servants and not to private company employees. 

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