Tips & Answers on passing the Saudi Driving License Tests in KSA

Tips & Answers for passing the Saudi Driving License Tests in KSA

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a very huge country but with very less local transport facilities. Holding KSA (Saudi Arabia) driving license will be very useful for every expatriate living here in the kingdom. To get the driving license you need to clear two tests.

Tips & Answers for passing the Saudi Driving License Tests in KSA

1) Computer Test : Computer test is to check the persons technical knowledge, language in which you want to give the test can be selected as there is option of many languages and you need to answer atleast 15 question, to clear the test.

Note: In computer test for Driving License you have to answer 15/20 questions correct for private driving license and 18/20 to obtain heavy driving license.

2) Road Test : Road Test is practical test, wherein you need to drive the vehicle following all the traffic rules.

30 days of training classes will be offered to the persons without prior driving license and 2 week classes for people who have some experience.

Once you answered 15 answers correct, the computer will say you congratulations, just go outside for the Driving test (road Test) and wait for your turn.

Tips to follow for Road Test:

– Follow the signals and focus on Signs
– Don’t panic and keep yourself calm
– Adjust your seat as per your convenience
– Adjust back and side mirrors as per your convenience
– Put on the seat belt
– Remove handbrake (if applied)
– Look into the mirrors
– Use indicators where necessary
– While stopping, stop at stop sign
– Park your vehicle correctly and straight
– Pull the hand brake
– Turn on the double signals
– Put the car in Neutral gear
– Remove the seat belt

Suggestion: For Expatriates applying for the first time, would suggest if they join any driving school first, which gives them a full month of training and easily clear all the required training tests mentioned above.

All the best for acquiring your driving license.

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